Even CNN Whacks Biden With a Stunningly Honest Take on Biden's False 'Voting Rights' Claims

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CNN pushes the Democratic party line so often that I like to note those rare occasions where it seems like the light breaks through the darkness and a little truth slips out.


Some on the network have been straightforward and even — perish the thought — honest when it comes to how badly Biden is doing on the economy. I noted John Berman’s “Yikes,” when it came to the CPI earlier this week and they were no kinder this week when it came to Joe Biden’s week from hell.

As we reported earlier, Bret Baier did a rundown on how bad the week was for Biden. But CNN did one, as well.

There was a truly stunning moment of honesty from CNN’s Erin Burnett when it came to Joe Biden’s speech on “voting rights.” This wasn’t just recognizing that he’d failed in his efforts; this was actual journalism, pointing out the flaws, the problems, and the lies in what Biden had said during his speech.


You know it’s bad when even CNN has to admit the truth.

Burnett noted that Biden’s simplistic, “right vs. wrong” view claiming voter suppression had a small problem because more people voted than ever before in the last election. Then Burnett proceeded to rip apart the “vote by mail” lie that Biden was claiming. Biden claimed that the GOP voter integrity bills like the one that was passed in Georgia were making it harder to vote. But, as Burnett observed, the law in New York was more restrictive than that of Georgia. Yet, New York is an unquestionable blue Democrat state, and they voted down being as open for absentee ballots as Georgia.

Burnett also noted how Georgia has 17 days of early voting, while New York only has nine. So, Georgia actually has more voting opportunities than New York, but they aren’t demonizing the Democrats in New York for their laws.

While Burnett contrasted Georgia with New York, she also could have done a similar contrast with Delaware, Joe Biden’s home state, which is also more restrictive than Georgia.

But the differences don’t make any of these states “racist” because they have different rules. There isn’t anything racist about those rules.


It’s surprising to see such honesty from CNN. Is there a change afoot? We saw some of this honesty also leak out on Joe Biden’s general problem with confusion as well last month. CNN’s ratings have been tanking. Might they be trying occasional bursts of honesty in an effort to juice the ratings? If they take that tack, it definitely couldn’t hurt because they can’t get much worse — although people have largely given up on them.

But when even CNN goes takes off the blinders and tells the truth about Biden, you know that’s bad news for him.


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