The Simpsons Predicted It: Biden's Credibility Is in the Basement, if He's Rolling out Tom Hanks

What do you do when you have a dissolute administration and your approval ratings are in the toilet?

Well, the Simpsons predicted it – you pull out Tom Hanks and hope that he can put one over on Americans.



“Hello, I’m Tom Hanks. The US government has lost its credibility so it’s borrowing some of mine,” said the Tom Hanks character.

The Biden teams just fulfilled that prediction.

In a situation of life imitating art, now we have the Biden Inaugural Committee trying to use Hanks to sell what a wonderful thing the first year of Joe Biden was. The video featuring Hanks talking about a “recovering and resilient” America, with “brave” Americans.

There is no doubt Americans are brave and resilient. Unfortunately, they have to be, in the face of Joe Biden’s failures including crushing inflation and terrible COVID policies.

This is part of the Biden Administration’s position that it’s just the messaging, that Americans just need a little more propaganda to buy into how wonderful Biden is, that Joe just needs to get out more and tell folks what he’s done. That will rectify his approval ratings being in the basement. The Inaugural Committee spent millions of dollars to put this together and have it broadcast across the country.


Pro-tip? You wouldn’t need all this propaganda if you had real accomplishments.

More jobs were created? No, people came back to work after the pandemic, it was not because of anything that Joe Biden did.

Stronger than a year ago today? No, I don’t think so. There are more COVID deaths in 2021 than a year ago, even with the vaccines (that Trump produced) and treatments.

Everything costs more, from gas to food and other essential items. There are bare shelves, crushing inflation, and a guy in the White House who Americans think doesn’t seem to be able to focus on things that matter to them, who has been focused on helping Democrats grab power. How do you think Americans who are suffering are going to view this video that pushes a false view of a booming economy, when they know the truth? It smacks you in the face. Not only aren’t they properly addressing the problems, now they’re lying to me too, just making it look nicer with Tom Hanks, while still Soviet or CCP-level propaganda. But Americans aren’t going to be buying the Hollywood elite spin.

The ad has a big build-up with Hanks but then in the final seconds, there’s Joe Biden, and you can feel the drop in energy. It also tries to sell another lie – that Biden is about uniting America. “There’s nothing beyond our capacity, if we do it together,” Joe chimes in at the end.


Yet from the start, he ran on demonizing President Donald Trump, and even last week, he was demonizing Republicans. On Thursday, he was asked a very good question by a reporter if he was just reacting to Vladimir Putin rather than being proactive. His response? “What a stupid question,” Biden said and sneered.

You can try to pretty him up. You can even pull out Tom Hanks in the effort to make him look better. But you can’t change the basic, failed nature of who Biden is. It isn’t the messaging that’s failing, it’s him. And the more you throw him out there, the more obvious it is.

Folks on the right mocked the heck out of the ad.


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