The Hilarious Thing the Biden Team Blames for Joe's Numbers Crashing

With Joe Biden’s numbers crashing into the basement, Biden’s team is at a loss as to what to do.

A new CBS/YouGov poll showed killer numbers, particularly when it came to the economy, as well as independents and young people just leaving him in droves.


But the Biden team thinks they’ve hit on the problem. At least this is the rationale that they’re giving out to the media.

It’s just that poor old Joe needs a new communications strategy, that’s all. They just need to explain him better than they have so far by trying to hide him as much as they can.

From NBC News:

Biden’s reset plan, senior administration officials said, is to make his conversations with members of Congress less of a public priority and to emphasize spending more time communicating directly with Americans. The officials said that the White House will continue negotiations with Congress over Biden’s legislative priorities but that it would stop releasing details of the talks to the public.

“There is a recognition that we need to change that dynamic,” a senior administration official said, adding that Biden has told aides and lawmakers that he intends to make the shift.

They think the problem is that Biden needs to talk to Americans more directly.

“Oftentimes in modern history when a president has frustrations and drops in the polls, the president will say, ‘It’s now time for me to talk over the heads of the elites and talk directly to the people to convince them that what I’m trying to do is right,’” presidential historian Michael Beschloss said.


Oh, boy, if you think that’s the problem and you’re going to have him “talk to more people directly,” congratulations, here’s your sign. What caused the huge dip in the polls was Biden talking directly to Americans on Afghanistan. Americans who didn’t know before saw how unhinged and incompetent he was, how insistent he was that he was right even when he was demonstrably wrong. Many Americans who had been sold a different picture of him had their eyes opened and he’s never come back from that in the polls because people saw. If they now increase his “talks with the public,” the polls are hitting in the 30s now, watch him finally hit those numbers in the 20s. One of the only things saving him is that his team is constantly trying to head him off from unscripted moments and talking too much. But that earned him the “Hider in Chief” name.

The problem isn’t his communications strategy. The problem is Biden and his policies — that Americans see Biden all too clearly now.

But Democrats are damned if they do and damned if they don’t when it comes to Biden. If they ride him all the way to 2024, it’s going to be a nightmare three years for both them and the country, and people will never want to vote for Democrats ever again. If they try to ease him out before then, they have no real backup with Kamala Harris, also a gaffe-meister, who may be even less popular than he is, if that’s possible. They could sign back up for the Hillary Clinton experience and get crushed. They are up a creek without a paddle. They’ve completely earned the predicament they’re in.



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