CBS/YouGov Poll Sweeps the Legs out From Under Biden

CBS/YouGov Poll Sweeps the Legs out From Under Biden
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Frustrated. Disappointed. Nervous.

Those are the three of the main things Joe Biden is making Americans feel right now, according to a new CBS/YouGov poll. Only 26 percent of Americans think things in the country are going well.

The poll found that a huge majority of Americans believed he wasn’t sufficiently focused on the economy (58 percent) and inflation (65 percent). Only 38 percent approved of his handling of the economy, while a whopping 62 percent disapproved. It’s even worse when it comes to inflation — 30 percent approval, 70 percent disapproval. He’s about to dip into the twenties on the approval of his handling of inflation.

If he thinks their opinion is going to go up if he was able to raise the Build Back Better bill back up from the dead, the answer is no, it wouldn’t. The poll showed that that wouldn’t help him at all: 76 percent said no, their opinion of him wouldn’t improve if he was able to pass the BBB bill. The poll indicated that what they want is a change in inflation, and their opinion of him might improve if he were to do that.

But the problem is inflation is made worse by government spending, which is all Biden has been focused upon. So, what he needs to do to change Americans’ opinion of him is contrary to the Democrats’ massive spending dreams and what they want him to do.

The thing that has taken a dive into the dumper over the past couple of months has been the opinion of Biden on COVID. That used to be the one number that he had that would sometimes not be underwater. But, as we noted with the recent Quinnipiac poll, which had Biden’s general approval number at a shocking 33 percent, the COVID number was also way underwater.

This CBS poll just confirmed that. Now, the COVID number is just as bad as his numbers on the economy with only 36 percent thinking it’s going well and 64 percent thinking it’s going badly. Why do they think it’s going badly? Americans didn’t complain about people being unvaccinated, as Joe Biden does, falsely calling it the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” They complained that the information being put out is “confusing.” It tends to be that way when it’s constantly flip-flopping and changing. Americans aren’t giving Biden a pass on that.

Plus, 61 percent of the people who thought Biden was doing a bad job against COVID, thought part of that “doing bad” was because of vaccine mandates.

The killer numbers were where people were placing the blame — and that was on Biden, with more believing he was behind things getting worse on both the economy and COVID.

Also killer? The huge drops with independents and young people.

[T]he decrease he’s seen has been especially pronounced among independents. Among independents who voted for him, approval has decreased by a whopping 31 points.

And young people: six in 10 voters under 30 voted for Mr. Biden in 2020, but his approval rating among Americans under 30 has dropped from 70% in February to just 42% now — double the size of the decline among other age groups.

Another point that will just do him in — look at how the numbers have flipped on whether they think he cares about them and their problems. Previously, 59 percent thought he cared; now 54 percent don’t think he cares much about them at all.

Finally, most don’t think he’s competent, effective, or focused.

Even with most media still doing all they can to stump for him, it’s hard to get around numbers like these.

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