Biden Gets Asked About His Competence, Promptly Demonstrates the Depth of the Problem

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Newsmax’s James Rosen has finally asked the question that should have been asked long ago of Joe Biden.

Rosen brings up the Morning Consult poll that we reported on earlier today — that 49 percent of registered voters disagreed with the statement that “Joe Biden is mentally fit.” This isn’t even the first time that polls have shown that a significant portion of Americans has concerns about his fitness for office and his mental competency. Rasmussen also backed up the Morning Consult poll with similar results, showing most Americans had issues not only with his competence but also his focus and his effectiveness. Rosen noted to Biden that in the poll not even a majority of Democrats “strongly affirmed” that he was competent.


Then Rosen asks what Biden thinks of the concerns that Americans have about his mental health.

Biden’s response to Rosen’s question? “I have no idea” about why they think that. And that’s the problem. He doesn’t have any idea; he’s clueless as to what is going on. He doesn’t seem to understand the greater picture of what’s happening around him, including how Americans perceive him, his policies, or his ability to do his job. He doesn’t want to know or address it. He’d rather just move on past the question and hope it goes away. Except that it wouldn’t, because he continues to have issues that impact on very important concerns for this country.

Biden showed part of the problem when he snapped back angrily at RealClearPolitics reporter Philip Wegmann

Biden angrily claimed that he never called anyone he was criticizing – Republicans and Democrats who weren’t going along with what he wanted – “Bull Connor.” “Go back and read what I said,” Biden shouted. “That is an interesting reading in English. I assume you got into journalism because you like to write.”


Well, here’s what you said, Joe.

Of course, the problem with Joe Biden’s angry response is that it doesn’t tailor with reality, when in fact he did ask if people didn’t go along with what Biden wanted, they would be on the side of Bull Connor and George Wallace.
Not to mention that if we want to talk about who has been on the side of George Wallace in the past, it’s been Joe Biden, as we previously reported. Biden bragged in the past about being praised by Wallace.

When Biden denies things that he said or makes such farcical distinctions – that he didn’t call say they would be Bull Connor, they’d be on the side of Bull Connor – that’s not just a problem for this question but it’s a larger question of competence, honesty, and coherence. It’s a question of whether he’s able to proceed in clarity on such important domestic issues. It’s a question of can anything he says ever be trusted?

But Biden didn’t just have issues with important domestic issues during the press conference, he also had issues when addressing questions about Ukraine. As we noted, he seemed to fail to even understand the importance of what he was saying about Ukraine, when he seemed to greenlight a “minor incursion” into Ukraine, suggesting whether his sanction response would “depend” on how big the incursion was. That was waving a green flag at Putin to come on in and Kyiv was stunned that he would say such a thing. He was even given a follow-up question to clean it up and made it worse, seemingly suggesting that a cyber-attack wouldn’t trigger the sanctions. The problem is that it isn’t just what Biden is showing domestically, but what he is showing to the world is very problematic and could kick off a war.


When Biden has no idea what he is saying or the consequences of it, it puts the country at such risk, domestically and abroad. This puts us all in danger.



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