The Latest Polling Will Have Democrats Waking up in Cold Sweats

Perhaps spending all that time pushing a “voting rights” bill when every legal voter already has voting rights wasn’t the best strategy for the left? That’s the message of the latest Morning Consult poll, a survey that has, in the past, been very friendly to Democrats.


Those good vibes are long gone now, though. While the generic ballot has been trending toward Republicans for a while, these latest results represent a sea change in public opinion. This also tracks perfectly with Gallup’s finding that party affiliation has flip-flopped dramatically.

Remember when Joe Biden’s claim to fame was supposed competence on foreign policy? That was often cited as the reason Barack Obama chose him as vice president. Well, to the extent that ridiculous myth still existed, it’s been completely blown up now. Americans have had a year to witness his “expertise” on foreign affairs, and they don’t like what they see.

That jobs number is probably the most shocking, though. For months, the administration has tirelessly championed the idea that Biden has created the most jobs in history through his first year in office. They have put out charts, done countless cable news hits, and had the president (when he’s sentient enough) repeat the mantra in nearly every economic speech.


Of course, people who are able to critically think always knew the truth. It is not an accomplishment to “create” millions of jobs when the government caused the loss of those jobs by purposefully destroying the economy. A three-legged sloth could have presided over the “job growth” Biden has seen during his term.

But the reality most Americans have now awakened to is that things are actually worse than they otherwise would be. Had Biden sat in the basement and ate pudding along with the rest of his handlers, we’d have seen more job growth than we’ve seen because his policies have exacerbated the stagnation in the jobs market.

Those failures also extend to the economy at large, where inflation is ravaging the middle class. Need a used car to get to work? Get ready to pay a fortune for it. Want to host your friends for dinner? You better be prepared to spend a full day’s pay. And as to immigration, I’d love to meet the 37% who think Biden is handling the issue better than Republicans could. That’s just insane given the humanitarian crisis that is currently playing out.

To summarize, all this means that Democrats could be looking at a political environment in November that actually makes the 2021 election environment look favorable. Analysts keep looking for the floor, and there appears to be no floor. It’s to the point where we are running out of scary-sounding descriptions of what’s going to happen to Democrats in less than ten months.


Lastly, note that what happens in 2022 also directly plays into what happens in 2024. I’m not speaking specifically of the presidential election but rather the Senate. The map for Democrats (i.e. who’s up for reelection) in 2024 is absolutely terrible, and if things go badly enough for them this year, a Republican president could have a super-majority in the Senate by the time 2025 rolls around.

I know that I’m going way out on a limb projecting anything that far out, but unless Democrats change course dramatically, they are looking at a trouncing in November the likes we haven’t seen in generations, and there will be residual effects. It’s hard to imagine how things will get worse, but they undoubtedly will.


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