WATCH: AOC Partying It up Maskless at Crowded Drag Brunch in Miami

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Now, let me start this story with the statement that I have no sexual interest in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Delusional-NY).

When Republicans reported about AOC partying it up in Miami Beach without a mask at a restaurant with a drink in her hand and her boyfriend by her side, she flipped out, claiming that Republicans commenting were somehow sexually obsessed with her.


Alrighty, now. That isn’t too self-absorbed or weird at all, is it? She was attempting to deflect from the criticism for abandoning her constituents to play in Miami Beach during a COVID surge in New York City and being a hypocrite about Florida. It didn’t work. She didn’t help herself by being even crazier into the bargain.

But she’s still partying down in Miami in the free state of Florida, where she was spotted at a drag brunch with actor/singer Billy Porter. When she was with her boyfriend outdoors, people made comments about her being maskless. But at least she was outdoors and just with the boyfriend. Here, she’s in a huge crowd all packed in together — none of them appear to be wearing masks. The CDC — the thing that Democrats want us to treat like a religion — recommends against being in such crowded gatherings, saying to “avoid crowds.”

There’s a pandemic going on? These folks don’t seem to think so — looks like they think it’s over. AOC surely doesn’t look like she’s very worried about it, and this doesn’t look like much social distancing.


Remember it’s these folks on the left screaming about masks and restrictions, and criticizing the freedoms that exist in Florida. Except of course, when it applies to them. Then, partying in a large crowd in Florida is just cool. Being at a drag brunch is like being at a BLM protest — the virus knows it’s supposed to skip right over you because of your ideological purity and wokeness.

Meanwhile, back in the area she represents in New York City, you’re required to show vaccine papers to eat in a restaurant and you have to mask up. Even kids have to show papers. If they don’t, they’ll get booted from restaurants and other establishments, and if they don’t leave they can be arrested.

Another point? She’s filed multiple times to have a proxy vote for her in Congress, claiming the “public emergency” as an excuse. Really? Sure doesn’t look like she has any problem hanging out in the deathscape Democrats claim Florida is. What does this say about her reason not to do her duty and vote in person?


She has a luxury apartment in D.C., so what’s up with this? Why can’t she get in to vote?

So, let’s be very clear. I’m writing this not because I have any sexual interest in AOC, I just have an interest in pointing out what a ridiculous hypocrite she is — and what a waste of a congressperson she is. Good talk.


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