NYPD Upsets Little Boy and Family by Demanding Vaccine Passports as Even More Mandates Hit NYC

A family being checked for vaccine passports in NYC. Credit: Cyn Clagar/Twitter video screenshot

New York is one of the most restrictive cities in the country with a vaccine passport imposed to allow people to enter many public places — including restaurants — since September.


But some folks against the mandates have been trying to challenge that, entering restaurants without the passport and protesting. In response, the NYPD has been making arrests.

Last night some people went to a Burger King to order food. They were refused service because they didn’t have vaccine passports and were arrested. Five were charged with trespassing, as they yelled at the cops to “do the right thing.”


There was another video that went viral last night of a family who didn’t have vaccine passports inside a restaurant, and police were called on them. But what caught people’s attention was the massive number of cops called out to respond, and then how the little boy in the family was upset and scared by the police presence.

Kids are now required to show their papers in New York.

At the same time, anyone aged 12 and up must now show proof of full vaccination to eat indoors at New York City restaurants or enter other indoor venues, like movie theaters, gyms, or arenas. Kids aged 5 to 11 only need to show proof of one vaccine dose as part of an addendum to the mandate the city rolled out earlier this month.

So, this is what the NYPD is doing rather than dealing with the rising violent crime in the city? This is what Mayor Bill De Blasio has wrought with his mandates — harassing a family trying to eat a meal. Meanwhile, they are letting criminals out to do whatever they want with their ridiculous bail reform and failure to fully prosecute violent crime. If they were truly concerned about doing the best for the citizens  of New York, they would be focused on what they should be doing to protect them, not this. This is a bizarre, upside-down approach to protecting the city.


Meanwhile, a new law went into effect on Monday, that all employees in the state have to be vaccinated. That includes private businesses — certainly a questionable constitutional move by Mayor Bill de Blasio. We’ve seen such moves be challenged on the federal level when Joe Biden has tried to impose them on private businesses with over 100 employees. But while some NYC businesses are going along with all this, some are not.

The NY Post reports that veteran restaurateur Stratis Morfogen, who owns Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and is executive managing director of Brooklyn Chop House, said the city could take their new law and shove it. “Gov Hochul and X Mayor DiLAUSIO come and arrest me!” Morfogen shared on Instagram. “Not going to follow your mandate on threatening my family of employees to get the jab or lose your job!”

Morfogen says he believes that forcing vaccinations is a violation of constitutional rights. Instead, he’s testing his employees before their shifts. “Showing a vax card gives people a false sense of security, as vaxxed people often are asymptomatic superspreaders and don’t know it until they test positive,” he said.

As we see with so many vaccinated people both getting it and spreading it, there’s a point to what he’s saying that the vaccinated can still spread it. It’s not like the card is a magic protector. Unfortunately, if Morfogen isn’t in compliance, they may end up shutting him down.


But this is the insanity that is NYC at the moment.


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