CNN Gets Duped by Raunchy Troll Tweets That They Showed Live on Air

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Once upon a time, CNN was considered to be a reputable news organization. But that seems so long ago. It has long since thrown any objective reason under the bus. Now, the network has just become a sad, sallow sack of something, searching for some kind of ratings to survive.


The network’s year has been closing out badly. They had to fire Chris Cuomo after he helped his brother in the defense of his sex allegations. Then he faced allegations of sexual harassment of his own. He was their most popular anchor, although to be fair, that’s like saying blue paint drying is more popular than green paint drying. Blah is blah.

Then a Cuomo senior producer was arrested for allegations involving sex with children. On top of that, a second producer — this one who worked on Jake Tapper’s show — resigned and is now being investigated regarding accusations of crimes involving children.

CNN has a New Year’s Eve show every year but it has now devolved into just a festival of how drunk their anchors can become, debasing and embarrassing themselves. This year, Comedy Central’s Andy Cohen did-in Mayor Bill de Blasio with a completely out of control drunken rant.

He later claimed he was “overserved,” which I guess is a way of trying to absolve himself for being drunk.

He was completely right that everyone despises Bill de Blasio from both sides of the aisle, although he said four years, and unfortunately, we had to suffer from de Blasio for eight. Fortunately, now de Blasio is gone, replaced by Eric Adams. It remains to be seen if that will ultimately help New York City in the future, since they suffer from terminal liberal-ness.


But it’s clear that the network encourages drunkenness from the hosts since it happens every year. They had other “moments.”

Now, I’m all for New Year’s Eve fun, but how bad is CNN?

They got taken in by a troll, running fake tweets on their chyron during their live countdown to 2022. Different fake names ran for some time, and CNN didn’t pick it up. CNN was taken in by things like “Dixie Normus” and “Ben Dover.” Seriously, guys? Paging Bart Simpson!

Warning for graphic language:

Now to be fair, that’s pretty funny.


The Daily Beast determined that several of the accounts were connected — Anita Dump, Ben Dover, Dixie Normus, Harry Cox, Hugh Jass, Mike Oxlong, and Seymour Butts — and that they had promoted the hashtag #CNNNYE to get noticed by CNN. The accounts seemed created for the troll, with most only having tweeted last night and only toward CNN.

Was everyone drunk behind the camera as well? But this perhaps shows just how much CNN actually checks or cares about what they run. I guess they’re so used to not checking, it’s become a habit. But on the other hand, looking at their on-air “talent” and their producers, maybe this isn’t so bad, by comparison. It’s a new year, but CNN is still stuck on stupid.


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