CNN's Pedophile Problem Escalates

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CNN has a problem, and it’s not just their abysmally low ratings. As RedState reported some weeks ago, one of Chris Cuomo’s producers was arrested for allegedly raping a 9-year-old and grooming other little girls. Cuomo was eventually fired over his own set of scandals, but that wasn’t the end of the pedophile problem at the liberal network.


Less than two weeks ago, a producer for Jake Tapper’s show was exposed by Project Veritas for soliciting nude pictures of a child and making other lewd comments via text message. The source of the texts went to Project Veritas after they feared the authorities, including CNN, weren’t going to do anything about it.

And for a moment, CNN didn’t seem to flinch. In fact, neither Tapper nor Brian Stelter, the network’s supposed media watchdog, have mentioned the matter. Today, though, it was revealed that Rick Saleeby, the producer in question, actually resigned earlier in the month. Astonishingly, CNN chose to keep that information secret until the announcement of a criminal investigation forced them to comment.

Fairfax County (Va.) Police Department confirmed to Fox News Digital a criminal investigation has been launched “into serious allegations involving potential juvenile victims” and that “detectives assigned to the Child Exploitation Squad of the Major Crimes Bureau are leading this investigation” into Rick Saleeby, a former senior producer for Jake Tapper’s “The Lead.”

“While we will eventually be transparent about our findings, safeguarding the personal privacy and safety of victims and witnesses as well as maintaining the integrity of our criminal investigation are of paramount importance,” a spokesman for Fairfax County Police said in a statement…

…A spokesman for CNN told Fox News Digital, “The person in question no longer works for CNN” and that he had resigned earlier this month. The probe comes on the heels of the arrest of former CNN producer John Griffin, who is facing federal sex crime charges involving children.


I can only imagine the firestorm that would occur if Fox News hid news (for what appears to be weeks) of one of their producers resigning over alleged pedophilia. But because this is CNN, the mainstream media aren’t even reporting on this. Protecting each other apparently comes before protecting children within our mainstream mediasphere.

Meanwhile, the low-rated leftwing network continues to attack its competition without acknowledging the log in its own eye. What’s that about not throwing stones in glass houses? Clearly, the culture at CNN is in a very unhealthy place, and no amount of whining about Fox News is going to change that.

We’ll see where this latest criminal investigation goes. Hopefully, it leads to some much-needed top-down changes, and you can bet CNN’s new owners aren’t happy with what’s been going on. A year from now, the network could look very different, and a lot of the most arrogant hosts may end up being shown the door.


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