A Drunken CNN Rant Against Bill de Blasio Sets the Internet on Fire

Andy Cohen rants about Bill de Blasio on New Year's Day 2022. Credit: WesReynolds1/Twitter

Well, 2021 is in the books, and not a moment too soon. But while most people were probably snoozing by the time the clock struck midnight, there were New Year’s festivities going on in parts of the country. In New York City, one of the more typically iconic celebrations was neutered with limited attendance and vaccine passports.


How are those measures working out? Well, the Big Apple has seen its COVID-19 caseload rise 1,324 percent since the implementation of those all-important vaccine passports. And perhaps doubling down on illogical failure is what led to this drunken rant on CNN early this morning that set the internet on fire.

Andy Cohen, who is a host for Bravo TV, is apparently happy to see former Mayor Bill de Blasio leave office.

The response to this has been almost universally positive. Bill de Blasio was an absolutely horrific mayor, from his woke socialist policies that have turned the city into a crime-ridden hellhole to his terribly ineffective handling of the coronavirus.

But let me dare to take a different path in commenting on this: I just don’t find it all that persuasive.

You see, I’m pretty sure Cohen is a Democrat, and I’m absolutely certain Anderson Cooper is. Does anyone doubt they voted for de Blasio twice? And that’s hardly a limited result. The city itself elected de Blasio with 73 percent and 66 percent of the vote in 2013 and 2017, respectively. In the election that took place just months ago, Democrat Eric Adams won 67 percent of the vote. Guess what Adams pledged to keep in place once the votes were counted? That would be de Blasio’s completely ineffective, business-crushing vaccine mandate.


In short, no lessons were learned. New York City’s residents, by and large at least, continue to make the same mistakes they’ve been making since Rudy Giuliani left office. If de Blasio was so bad (and he was), why elect someone who agrees with him on 90 percent of everything, with the only exception possibly being policing. And given the penchant for Democrats to run further left once they gain office, I wouldn’t count on Adams keeping his word on that issue either.

At some point, you deserve what vote for, and complaining on CNN about the consequences just comes across as cringe and pathetic. Bill de Blasio stunk as mayor. Eric Adams is likely to stink as mayor as well. Maybe actually learn some semblance of a lesson the next time around? Or just get loaded and rant on New Year’s again. I’m sure that’ll accomplish something.


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