Brazilian President Teaches NYC's de Blasio and Dems a Big Lesson About COVID and Immunity

Brazilian President Teaches NYC's de Blasio and Dems a Big Lesson About COVID and Immunity
(AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)

There’s a big scientific point that Joe Biden and most Democrats seem to be missing with the effort to push vaccination mandates.

In addition to the basic freedom problem with a government mandate — that what you put in your body should be between you and your doctor, not you and your government — they don’t seem to understand or care about natural immunity that people might have because they previously had the virus.

But the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro taught that lesson in a big way, visiting New York City for the UN General Assembly today. We reported earlier about Joe Biden trying to limit his interactions there, likely to prevent more gaffes, but with the excuse given that they’re concerned about the UN event becoming a super spreader.

New York City has a proof of vaccination requirement for some indoor businesses including restaurants, entertainment venues, and gyms. They said that the UN General Assembly came under that requirement. The UN said they would require it on the ‘honor system’ but allowed unvaccinated leaders in to make their speeches.

Bolsonaro is the only G20 leader not vaccinated. He said that there was no reason for him to be vaccinated because he already had the virus. “Why take the vaccine? To have antibodies, isn’t that right? My antibody levels are way up high,” he said last week.

Now that’s a basic fact that Joe Biden and others ignore in the calculations — that a good part of the unvaccinated might have natural immunity because they already had the virus. That’s the science, but many seem to ignore that basic fact.

From Washington Examiner:

Several studies have proven that the immunity acquired by previously having the virus is significantly better than immunity from vaccination. The largest study on this subject, conducted in Israel with more than 700,000 people, found that those with natural immunity were 96.3% less likely than never-infected and vaccinated people to contract COVID-19 for a second time and develop symptoms from it. This confirmed what researchers had been saying for months: Natural immunity is both effective and long-lasting , even against the virus’s variants.

But Bolsonaro was attacked by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

From NY Post:

“We need to send a message to all the world leaders, including most notably Bolsonaro from Brazil, that if you intend to come here, you need to be vaccinated,” de Blasio said while holding his daily briefing.

“If you don’t want to be vaccinated, don’t bother coming because everyone should be safe together.”

That of course is ridiculous and anti-science. How about amplifying actual science — instead instead of blind obedience to a mandate for everyone? That would then highlight a whole segment of the population that may have antibodies to the virus, which the Biden Administration is not doing now.

Then de Blasio embarrassed himself by tweeting a vaccination link at the Brazilian president.

But Bolosonaro came anyway, despite the rude words from de Blasio.

Bolsonaro posted on Instagram about eating pizza with other members of his delegation on a NYC sidewalk, “Let’s go for pizza with Coca Cola.” Liberal media falsely claimed he was “forced” to eat outdoors because in NYC, you can’t eat indoors unless you show proof of vaccination, again showing the failure to consider natural immunity. But actually, the pizza place had no indoor seating. But he got his New York pizza.

Before the General Assembly, Bolsonaro was not going to be cowed. He had a message for de Blasio and the vaccine passport pushers — speaking out against mandates and for consultation with your doctor, as well as early treatment.

Some much needed common sense.

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