LeBron James Throws a Block Into the COVID Narrative With Controversial Meme

(AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer)

Now there is no question that NBA star LeBron James is an avowed liberal.

If you see what he posts, he’s almost always pushing whatever the approved liberal narrative is at any given point.


He may be a star player but he’s shown that he can be a lousy human being when it comes right down to it.

When Kyle Rittenhouse cried during his trial, James mocked him for crying.

James, the one who constantly whines and plays the victim on the court, dared to mock Rittenhouse, when he, James, is the king of the fake falls.

Then, when a police officer in Ohio was forced to shoot a black girl to save the life of another black girl, who the first girl was trying to stab, James put a target on that officer’s back, threatening him, saying “You’re next.”

He later claimed he was upset about “accountability.” But he was never held accountable for threatening the cop and putting him in danger, and didn’t seem to care at all about the black life of the girl that the officer saved.

Then, there was James’ toting water for the Chinese on a variety of issues including during the controversy over Daryl Morey committing the unpardonable sin of tweeting support for Hong Kong in October 2019. James attacked Morey publicly and reportedly encouraged the NBA Commissioner to do something against Morey.


Boston Celtics’ Enes Kanter Freedom has also called James out for not speaking against Beijing’s slave labor and treatment of the Uyghurs.

However, at the beginning of the month, LeBron James was ‘diagnosed with COVID’ and put into the NBA’s health protocols. James responded with a tweet implying there was something “fishy” going on. He seemed to be asking questions.

But it was proven he was — in truth — negative after multiple subsequent tests, so he was sprung from the protocols.

Now, it looks like he’s said something even more against the liberal orthodoxy, with a post he put out on Christmas Eve on Instagram, seemingly comparing COVID to a cold and the flu. “Help me out, folks,” he wrote.

Many interpreted it as questioning the NBA COVID rules. As of Thursday, the Lakers had head coach Frank Vogel and five players — Trevor Ariza, Kent Bazemore, Avery Bradley, Malik Monk, and Austin Reaves — out due to COVID protocols.

Yes, if anyone else — someone like Tucker Carlson or anyone on the right — had posted that meme, CNN would have been all over them in a red hot minute, attacking them 24/7. But because it’s LeBron James, there’s virtually no coverage. The media that generally covers every word that drops from his lips suddenly doesn’t want to cover this post because it’s questioning the narrative. James seems ready to finally ask questions when it hits him personally. The post is being seen, though; it has almost two million likes.


Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young, Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges and other NBA players appeared to agree with James’ post. Some folks on the right like Outkick’s Clay Travis also welcomed the post and questioned the NBA rules, writing on Twitter:

“I’m loving how many top athletes, coaches, and GMs are finally starting to speak out about this covid testing absurdity,

Their voices are a powerful statement on returning to normalcy in this country and helping to destroy the coronabro losers in sports media. I don’t see this as remotely political.”

He ended with: “You’re either on team sanity or team insanity when it comes to neverending covid restrictions. I’m always happy to add new recruits to team sanity.”


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