King of Fakers LeBron James Weighs in on Rittenhouse Testimony

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Folks on the left have been very invested in pushing the narrative in regard to Kyle Rittenhouse as a wild white supremacist who took a gigantic gun across state lines to shoot up innocent BLM protesters. Of course, that has no relation to reality in any aspect. But if they actually watched the trial and absorbed what was happening, it would rock their carefully crafted (and wrong) view of the world.


What they appear to be taking away from the trial is not the truth but the leftist talking points and conspiracy theories.

So we have a ton of them now believing that because the judge allegedly had a ringtone of “God Bless the USA” and President Donald Trump played that at his rallies that the judge is biased. That’s mania, but that was a ton of liberals yesterday, including the execrable Vox ‘journalist’ Aaron Rupar. Now, loving the USA is evil and racist, apparently.

Then many also attacked Rittenhouse for breaking down on the stand, claiming his tears were fake. We reported about the purported ‘criminal justice reform’ person Bakari Sellers’ hot take on the subject. But there were more along the same lines.

Here’s alleged ‘journalist’ Ana Navarro.

“Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed Anthony Huber, 26, and Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and injured Gaige Grosskreutz, now 27,” Navarro wrote. “Think about how much their loved ones have cried, real anguish and grief, not crocodile tears.” She leaves out how they were attacking Rittenhouse.


Here’s NBA star LeBron James all in on mocking a kid describing how he was being attacked by a man who had threatened to kill him.

“What tears????? I didn’t see one. Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court,” James said.

They don’t care about the facts, the fact that Rittenhouse was attacked just doesn’t matter to them in the slightest. It’s not about the facts – it’s that they regard him as an enemy because he is not a leftist, because they think he’s on the right, so he is to be crushed. He’s not to be treated as human or given any regard because politics demand it and everything must bend to the narrative, including humanity and the truth. They’re probably also both doing it to appeal to their liberal base.

What’s perhaps particularly ironic about both their comments is that Navarro works for CNN famous for its fake news and LeBron is known for crying to the referees and he’s also been accused of faking flopping. Like CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin calling Rittenhouse an idiot and having no real ground on which to stand in doing so, maybe LeBron is not the guy to be weighing in on the subject of faking crying. He got slammed on social media by people pointing out exactly that.


Even if you didn’t understand the facts, why would you mock a kid like that? It’s juvenile.

But it just shows how folks like James and Navarro – who think so highly of themselves – really are vile people. If James had a conscience, he would speak up against the persecution of the Uighurs, instead of being in bed with the Chinese and ignoring those abuses.


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