Palmetto State Armory's Terrific Response to Media Freak-out Over 'Let's Go, Brandon'

AP Photo/Joshua Bessex

We’ve seen a lot of freak-outs now from folks on the left about the saying “Let’s go, Brandon.”

Perhaps one of the things that is so amusing about media objections is that while they get the saying is a criticism of Joe Biden, they don’t seem to get that it’s also a criticism of the media — that it was a comment on the fake news of the media after an NBC Sports reporter claimed “F**k Joe Biden” was “Let’s go, Brandon.” Most in media still aren’t journalists enough to either have figured that out or to admit it.


But one of the more hilarious and insane takes came from NBC’s Ken Dilanian who flipped out that Palmetto State Armory put ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ on some of their lower receivers for the AR-15. In his “exclusive,” Dilanian falsely claimed these were “violent threats” against Joe Biden and claimed that he’d called the Secret Service.

Now that’s insanity. Putting a meme on a gun isn’t a violent threat. Dilanian claims that he didn’t get a response from the Secret Service after he called them. Naturally not, because they probably figured that they couldn’t stop laughing at him if they bothered to respond. This is supposed to be a serious reporter?

How far gone was Dilanian? He claimed the saying on the receivers proved that the “rage that was on display on Jan. 6 has not subsided.” Dilanian even tried to cover for the NBC Sports reporter who started all this, by spinning the actual chant at the NASCAR, saying that the chant was initially “difficult to make out.” Yeah, no, it wasn’t.


But apparently Palmetto State Armory heard of Dilanian’s meltdown and they had an appropriate response for him. A little gift for him and the network who actually helped to contribute to this all with their fake news.

Now, we have to give it to the folks at Palmetto. That’s a terrific response.

They probably also owe Dilanian a commission, because his report pointed a lot of people to their lower receivers, so they probably sold a lot because of him. So, great job there, Ken! This response one will likely do well, too.


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