'F Joe Biden' Makes It Live at NASCAR, Reporter Does Her Best to Spin


We’ve been watching a growing phenomenon over the past few weeks that started at college football games – the chant “F**k Joe Biden!”

In the wake of the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, leaving Americans and Afghan allies behind, COVID mandates, and rising inflation, it was a perfect storm of disgust that burst out in that form of expression.


But over the past few weeks, it’s branched out to other events as well, including anti-mandate protests.

It even made it to the fans at the Mets versus Yankees game, even into the broadcast booth.

Warning for graphic language:

Who knew there was something that could unite Mets and Yankees fans? Turns out Biden is a unifier after all. Just not exactly as he imagined.

Now, it’s even hitting big, televised sporting events this week.

The Ryder Cup, golf’s most important team title, is not exactly known for rowdy chants.

However, the chant broke out at the event on Sunday. Given it was golf, it was more muted, but definitely in evidence.

Donald Trump Jr. even took notice of it and shared a tweet. The U.S. won the event, beating Europe, 19-9.

Definitely the one that wins the prize for highest visibility with worst media attempt to cover it up was the NBC reaction at the NASCAR Xfinity race at Talladega.

Brandon Brown took the race and was certainly excited about the win.

But when he was interviewed in a live interview by NBC, there came the chant again. Listen at the desperate effort of the reporter to spin what the crowd is chanting.


The reporter tries to spin the chant as “Let’s go, Brandon.” Um, no, not even close. It’s pretty clear what it is. But she did her best to cover it.

It’s no surprise then that his poll numbers have cratered since August, with double digit dives in approval, being underwater and even losing ground with black and Hispanic voters as well. Pew even found that 56% of people didn’t view him as “mentally sharp.” A poll from Rasmussen even found that if they ran again now, Trump would win by ten points. The chants are the demonstrable outlet of that feeling that’s pervasive against Biden. He’s even underwater in deep-blue Minnesota, which is a hard trick to do, but he’s managed it. He won Minnesota reportedly by seven points, so that’s not looking good for him.

You know his people have to be losing it behind the scenes.


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