The VA GOP Sweep Proves Excellence and Issues Trump Status Quo and Race-Baiting

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So much for a “racist dog whistle.” Virginia just elected its first Black female in a statewide office. And wouldn’t you know it? She happens to be a Republican, and pro-2A.


Get out the fainting couches.

From Business Insider:

Former Republican Del. Winsome Sears defeated Hala Ayala, a Democratic member of the Virginia House of Delegates in Tuesday’s race for Virginia’s lieutenant governor.


Sears, made history as the first Black Republican woman elected to the House in 2002 after she ousted the 20-year Democratic incumbent of Virginia’s 90th District, William Robinson. A Jamaican immigrant, she also became the first naturalized US citizen to serve in the House. She is also the first woman of color to be elected to statewide office in Virginia, where politics have historically been dominated by white men.

What is the world coming to? First parents start out the year protesting at their school boards, and now the GOP is sweeping the State of Virginia.

And speaking of school boards, Sears is not only a former Marine, but she was the vice president of the Virginia State Board of Education. If Glenn Youngkin pulls out a victory—and it increasingly looks like that may be the case—Sears will only add to the gravitas of Youngkin’s platform of pro-education, parental, and school choice.


Sears campaigned on these very things, along with more job creation and lower taxes.

What’s that sound? It’s the sound of another Democrat narrative dying a painful death. Not only has VA elected its first Black female Lt. Governor, but with the win of Republican Jason Miyares, it has also elected its first Hispanic Attorney General.

Ibrahim X. Kendi and Robin DeAngelo hardest hit.

Business Insider has not been shy about calling races, as opposed to the other legacy media outlets waiting for permission:

Miyares has served as a Republican member of Virginia’s House of Delegates, which encompasses part of Virginia Beach, since 2016. He was the first Cuban American elected to the General Assembly, and has often highlighted his Cuban background on the campaign trail by telling the story of his mother’s immigration to the US in 1965. He makes history as the state’s first Latino attorney general.

So much for the hashtag, #GOPSoRacist, and what a slap in the face to critical race theory and all the Democrat social justice, inclusive, and equity measures that are doing little except pissing people off and dividing the country. The fact that these candidates swept their races in a Virginia statewide election proves 1. Blacks and Hispanics don’t need to be pandered to, or paternalized, we just need to be left alone to pursue our opportunities for excellence; and, 2. People are tired of party blather. They want real responses to the real issues that they face.


They also would like to be left alone to live out their freedom. If the State House turns completely Red, that’s as good as guaranteed.


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