Obama Slings Biggest Bunch of Malarkey in Rant for McAuliffe

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How much trouble is Terry McAuliffe in with his race for governor in Virginia?

When they have to pull Barack Obama off the bench, you know they must be in trouble. McAuliffe is neck and neck with Republican Glenn Youngkin, according to the polls.


Obama’s new remarks are typical divisive and pedantic Obama and reminded me of why I dislike him — and why I’m glad he’s no longer president.

Listen as Obama claims that it’s Republicans who aren’t running on the issues, that they’re trying to “rig elections.” These remarks are completely vile. But that’s Obama.

“Why is it that Republicans don’t want you to vote? What, what is it that they are so afraid of?” Obama claimed. “If they think they have better ideas, why don’t they just go and make the case? Tell us your ideas. Tell us why you think they are going to be better. Tell us how it’s going to help that man get a job, or help that young person go to college, or help that person get a trade? Just explain it. And if you got good ideas, people will flock to your ideas. But that’s not what they’re trying to do. Instead, they’re trying to rig elections.”

How many lies or wrong ideas are there in that short rant? Republicans want people to vote; they don’t want people fraudulently voting. It isn’t the role of the government to help a young person go to college or get a man a job. It’s to get out of the way, so that the person is able to get their own job and not be dependent on the government. Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin is explaining Republican ideas, which is why he’s doing well and why you Democrats are so afraid that you have to pull in Obama.


Meanwhile, it’s the Democrats who were trying to take over elections with their H.R. 1 bill — essentially trying to federalize aspects of elections, so that the individual states and localities don’t have the freedom to decide for themselves what they want their procedures to be. Talk about being afraid. What are you Democrats afraid of with all that? Why are they so afraid of things like election security and voter ID?

Meanwhile, here’s Obama accusing people of rigging elections. I thought the very notion of that was an attack on democracy or an incitement to insurrection? So, where are the left or the media to attack what he’s saying?

But Obama was always accusing others of the things of which he or Democrats are guilty.

He then accused Republicans of creating “fake outrage.”

“We don’t have time to be wasted on these phony, trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage, the right-wing media’s pedals to juice their ratings,” Obama ranted. This, from the guy whose party’s bread and butter is pitching outrage and pimping identity politics. That’s not the problem, oh no. Not to Obama. The response to try and stop it is the problem.


But Obama’s rant isn’t going to fly with the very real problems that parents have been criticizing in places like the Loudoun County schools in Virginia. His rant isn’t going to ameliorate the anger over the Biden Administration’s effort to demonize parents and target them with law enforcement attention. Calling out Terry McAuliffe for saying that parents shouldn’t be in charge of their kids education isn’t phony outrage; it’s justifiable outrage and a losing issue for Democrats, and that’s why McAuliffe’s numbers have been in such free fall since he made those statements.

“We’re not going to go back to the chaos that did so much damage,” Obama also said during his McAuliffe remarks. “We’re going to move forward with people like Terry leading the way.” What chaos is he talking about? The chaos of Democratic Gov. Ralph ‘Blackface’ Northam being in charge?

Obama was also in New Jersey on Saturday to stump for Gov. Phil Murphy, when he asked when COVID had been made so political.

“The science says it’s the right thing to do,” Obama said in reference to COVID-19 mask and vaccine requirements to a crowd of Murphy supporters in Newark. “You do it because you’re not just protecting yourself, but people you love, people who are vulnerable. But, you know, I don’t know how folks just decide everything’s got to suddenly be political.”


Is he joking? The Democrats spent all last year making a virus political, a despicable act, and they’ve never stopped ever since. Even now, Joe Biden is demonizing the unvaccinated and making vaccines a political hot potato with his mandates.

Again, it’s Obama accusing others of what the Democrats are very guilty of. Can we talk about that 60th birthday party he had in August where people weren’t wearing masks, except for the help, of course? Does Obama not love those folks he was with? Why wasn’t he wearing a mask?

Just no principles whatsoever — he’s all about whatever they can do to maintain power.


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