Hundreds at Obama Party, but One Important Person Got the Brush-Off

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Barack Obama had his “scaled back” birthday party last night in Martha’s Vineyard at his $12 million, waterfront estate.

But as we reported last night, all the indications were that it was anything but scaled back — and the pictures of the party that have since come out confirm that.


After he got a lot of backlash about his original plan of 475 guests and 200 staff during the pandemic, his spokespeople said that there would only be “close friends and family.”

Of course, the pictures got out because some of the people couldn’t help themselves from posting on social media, although all the pictures were later deleted. So obviously, the Obama edict went out to dump the pictures.

But the Internet is forever. The pictures and video made it clear that there were still hundreds of people there, and it was hardly just “close friends and family.” So, Obama was just lying his head off about that and hoping you wouldn’t notice.

Here was some of the video that folks took anyway, and you can just see what a ton of folks there were there including Don Cheadle, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and Alicia Keys. They had gold napkins and invitations with “44×60” — representing him being the 44th president and his 60th birthday.

This was one from Erykah Badu, the singer, that caught Obama dancing in a Hawaiian shirt.


From Daily Mail:

‘It’s hypocrisy at its finest and shows they don’t believe what they are saying,’ Republican Party consultant Ryan James Girdusky said to the New York Post.

‘The liberal elites are laughing at us, attempting to sell this as a ‘scaled-back party,’ ‘ said GOP chairwoman and upstate New York Rep. Elise Stefanik. ‘Rules for thee and not for me.’

But there was one person who was reportedly invited, then disinvited, but was still hanging around Martha’s Vineyard. While every celebrity and his mother appears to have qualified to be one of Obama’s “close friends and family,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) didn’t make the cut.

According to the Daily Mail , she was cut from the list in the scale back but was still on the island. She reportedly ran into Obama, as she was going to dine at the Vineyard Havens Country Club and he was just coming off the golf course. Awkward.


Pelosi was spotted going to church this morning, and she confirmed that she didn’t go to the party. “I didn’t go. I had other parties to go to,” she claimed.

In the “scale back,” Obama had dusted a lot of the people who worked for him in the White House and helped him get where he did. Sounds like he just gave Pelosi the same treatment — in exchange for glomming onto celebrities.


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