Fauci Makes Outrageous Statement About Individual Rights, Accidentally Reveals Two Big Problems With Biden Claims

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Dr. Anthony Fauci seems to have been on overload today for bad statements.

We reported on his statement on “Face the Nation” with Margaret Brennan, where he said that he didn’t know yet if we would be able to gather together for Christmas” yet.


But apparently, he wasn’t finished with outrageous statements there. He also said, “There comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society.”

There’s a failure there to even understand the basic nature of America and an American citizen’s autonomy. Americans may decide to do something which they think is for the good of society, but in so doing, they never give up their individual rights. That’s called a choice, not a government mandate. And that’s the basic failure here. They’re gone so far over the slide on this, they no longer even understand how bad what they are saying is anymore.

Fauci from today, meet the old Fauci — before he was completely coopted by political agenda.

Furthermore, there were two things that Fauci and host Margaret Brennan discussed on “Face the Nation” that show big problems with things that Joe Biden has said.


Fauci said, “So that’s the one thing I want to make sure that our viewers realize that we’ve done well in the sense of getting 55% of the population fully vaccinated and 64% with at least one dose.”

I found that curious, because the CDC and Joe Biden said that they reached 70% with at least one dose back on August 2, one month after Biden’s goal of July 4. So did we go back and lose six percent unvaccinated, and/or has no one increased the amount of vaccinations since August? Because that’s surely what it looks like. What’s going on with that number?

But in their discussion, Brennan brought up an even greater issue.

“The president announced nearly a month ago that businesses need to mandate vaccines for their employees or submit them to weekly testing,” Brennan said. “We looked; it’s been a month. None of this paperwork has been filed with OSHA to make that happen. Was this a stunt or are you seeing companies follow through even without the legal mandate filed?”

Biden said he was going to use OSHA to enforce a vaccine mandate and/or testing on businesses with 100 or more employees. Brennan is saying that hasn’t even started, that no paperwork to do this has been generated. “But- but when you’re speaking with immediacy, it doesn’t seem reflected in the action here,” Brennan said.


If that’s true, then what was going on here? Did Biden really just say something he had no intention to pursue immediately? Fauci suggested Biden had to get past legal issues. Generally, the way things work is you work out the legal as much as you can before you make the big announcement — you have some legal format worked out before you announce all that, so you’re ready to go. But in this case, apparently Biden was just talking out of his hat and they haven’t even worked that out yet? Or do they even intend to do it at all? Either way, it sounds again like Joe “I have no plan” Biden strikes again.

Was the real purpose just to try to influence the private businesses to act? But as we’ve reportedbefore, Biden’s actions and demonizing of the unvaccinated haven’t seemed to increase the vaccination rates. And if we take Fauci at his word, that number is even going backwards.


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