Fauci Can't Say Yet Whether You'll Be Able to Gather for Christmas

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Why are the media still having Dr. Anthony Fauci on their shows?

Hasn’t he long since lost credibility, and do they really think that people are interested in anything he has to say anymore?


Of course, they continue to put him on because he keeps pushing the narrative with which they agree.

But, what he was saying today was too much for anyone living in present reality to buy.

Fauci appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” with Margaret Brennan. She asked him if he thought we would be “able to gather for Christmas or whether it was just too soon to tell.” Why is she asking that anyway? Whether we gather for Christmas isn’t up to Fauci. It’s up to us, a free people. We are not governed by every word dropped from the mouth of St. Fauci.

Fauci responded,

“It’s just too soon to tell. We just gotta concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down, and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we’re going to do at a particular time. Let’s focus like a laser on continuing to get those cases down.

And we can do it by people getting vaccinated and also in the situation where boosters are appropriate, to get people boosters, because we know they can help greatly in diminishing infection and in diminishing advanced disease, the kinds of data that are now accumulating in real time.”


Many Americans got into a bad habit with this pandemic — they gave up their freedom of thought and freedom of movement in exchange for “safety.” Now, some don’t seem to be able to understand that was a bad move and are unwilling to regain that freedom.

Also, has Fauci not been paying attention? Stadiums are packed across the country, including with people chanting, “F**k Joe Biden.” Most states are past restrictions, although there are certainly crazy places like NYC trying to impose mandates to be able to eat in a restaurant and you have the governor of the state trying to throw people out of work if they aren’t vaccinated.

People are going to do what they want in terms of gathering for Christmas, just as they did last year. Barack Obama had an enormous 60th birthday party in August with hundreds of people. The Emmys just went off without any masks — except on the celebrities’ lowly staffers. What does Fauci really think he has to say about this anymore?

But notice — even in this short statement from Fauci — he’s on to the the next agenda item: the booster shots and pumping up their necessity, when the data isn’t even in on them enough for the FDA to approve them for the public at large. But you know that’s coming next. Indeed, Fauci said this week that the booster shot/s would likely become necessary to be considered to have the “complete regimen.”


“Having said that, I’ve made it clear that my opinion has always been that I believe that a third-shot booster for a two-dose mRNA [vaccine] should ultimately and will ultimately be the proper, complete regimen.”

It’s “always” been his opinion, he says. So once again, the goalposts were moving to add another requirement.

Vaccines or boosters — or anything else they try to throw into this equation — are between you and your doctor, not between you and the government, or dependent on what Fauci says this week. Seriously, is there anyone left who is making their Christmas plans based on the rantings of this guy?


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