Unreal: Biden Team Gave the Taliban a List of Americans and Afghan Allies

The Biden Administration has shown stunning incompetence throughout the whole Afghanistan debacle.

But this latest news may take the cake for outrageous and inconceivable action.


According to Politico, U.S. officials gave the Taliban a list of names of American citizens, green card holders, and Afghan allies to grant entry into the airport.

The move, detailed to POLITICO by three U.S. and congressional officials, was designed to expedite the evacuation of tens of thousands of people from Afghanistan as chaos erupted in Afghanistan’s capital city last week after the Taliban seized control of the country. It also came as the Biden administration has been relying on the Taliban for security outside the airport.

But the decision to provide specific names to the Taliban, which has a history of brutally murdering Afghans who collaborated with the U.S. and other coalition forces during the conflict, has angered lawmakers and military officials.

“Basically, they just put all those Afghans on a kill list,” said one defense official, who like others spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive topic. “It’s just appalling and shocking and makes you feel unclean.” [….]

Biden team contended this was the best way to keep Americans & Afghans safe & prevent a shooting war between Taliban fighters and US troops


This is insane, since the Taliban is looking to kill anyone who worked with the U.S., and has beheaded and killed Afghan allies in the past. Why would you give them what amounts to a “kill list” or hostage list? They are our enemies.

Now, even if they don’t nab those allies at the airport, they will have their name and can hunt them down. It’s already been reported that the Taliban has been going house to house to hunt people down to kill them and their families and you give them a list? Who in the military thought that this was a good idea?

U.S. Central Command is refusing to comment on the report, which means you know it’s true.

Given that they’ve trusted the Taliban and are sharing intelligence information with them, it’s not hard to believe that they would do something this stupid.

This is like what Biden did when he gave Vladimir Putin a list of 16 targets that he shouldn’t hit in cyber attacks. It’s like a list of “here’s what to hit” when you give it to an enemy.



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