Biden Finally Acts Tough in Emotional but Empty Speech, Gets Nailed by Peter Doocy

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Joe Biden looked bad when he finally showed up to speak today about the terrorist attacks at the Kabul airport today, that took the lives of 11 U.S. Marines and a Navy Corpsman, as well as many other civilian Afghan lives.


He looked and sounded out of it, very tired and defeated, despite reading off the teleprompter.

Biden finally tossed out some tough talk, saying “We will not forgive, we will not forget, we will hunt you down and make you pay,” saying they would attack the ISIS-K people who were behind the suicide attack today at a time of their own choosing. That’s the proper language, but the problem is he’s still saying that we’re leaving on Tuesday and we have no remaining capability in the country. So how’s he going to do that with the Taliban in charge?

He also, once again, used the death of his son as emotional blackmail, which is something he does whenever he is in deep trouble. He went on at some length talking about the military and asked for a moment of silence for those killed, which was good. But they wouldn’t be dead but for his failure here and his trusting the Taliban. But he said in response to a question he didn’t think it was a mistake to rely upon the Taliban when it’s a demonstrable mistake.

Once again, he admitted “I’ve been instructed” to call on these reporters, again, showing there was a list of prearranged people to call on. “The first person I’ve been instructed to call on Kelly O’Donnell of NBC.”


Biden claimed that holding onto the Bagram Air Base wouldn’t have added much value to withdrawal and claimed the military advised him that. Well, that’s untrue that it wouldn’t hold value, as we’ve seen the problems now with just having the Kabul airport. But I’m willing to bet the military leaders didn’t tell him that either.

However, he did decide to call on Peter Doocy, who he termed “the most interesting guy I know in the press.”

Doocy asked him if he took responsibility for his actions. That, of course, angered Biden. While he said he did, Biden then immediately tried to deflect to President Donald Trump because Trump made a deal with the Taliban. That, of course, doesn’t have anything to do with Biden’s failed withdrawal. The deal Trump made was conditioned — which the Taliban violated so there was no obligation to pull out. Further, Biden already violated it by pulling out after May 1 — which was the agreed-upon date — and changing it to August 31. He also inadvertently admitted the success of the Trump deal in that no American was killed over the course of the 18 months of the deal, until he, Biden came in. But once again, he makes it about ending the war, not his failures in dealing with the withdrawal.


Biden was asked if there was, in fact, a list that may have been given to the Taliban of Americans and Afghan allies, as we reported earlier. He said he didn’t know, but it may have happened. Which, of course, means the report is very likely true. He should have denied it and said that’s insane. But he couldn’t.

But the biggest takeaway was that he still intends to pull out on August 31, claiming that they would then continue to try to get people out afterward, a seeming impossibility if the U.S. is already pulled out.


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