Democrats Shamelessly Plead for Care Package Donations for Runaway TX Dems

The runaway Texas Democrats seem to be a never-ending font of examples of bad behavior.

We’ve seen them pat themselves on the back and call themselves “brave.” They’ve whined about their hardship by showing pics of their washed-out laundry. They’ve insulted their Republican colleagues and the voters. Not to mention the fact that they’ve infected people with the Wuhan coronavirus and just lied their heads off about their political stunt. They’re even ticked off that Joe Biden wouldn’t meet with them.


Meanwhile every day they’re away, no one can pass any bills in Texas and Texas taxpayers are paying $43,000/day for everyone to get nothing done, thanks to these characters. They’re still getting paid their legislative salaries plus $221 a day for the special session, even though they aren’t even showing up for it. They get paid that unless they specifically turn it down (one said she would be doing that). Not to mention the chartered bus and plane. Will the value of that transportation be noted on their financial disclosure forms?

On top of all this, their hard life of vacationing in D.C. while spreading the virus and having Zoom meetings, Beto O’Rourke is also giving them $600,000 from his group Powered by People to fund staying away until August 6. That’s still a ton of money they’re getting even considering paying for hotel lodging and food. And they’re actually trying to raise $1.5 million. No doubt there are Democrats dumb enough to fall for all this and send in their money for this stunt.

Really tough and harsh life, eh? Talk about a grift.

So needless to say, I was a little bit surprised to see this plaintive plea from the Dallas Democrats Twitter account.


Here they are – acting as though they were impoverished or off in the war somewhere, needing help and cheering up – when they can easily access all these things themselves in D.C., especially with the ton of money they’re raking in. Please give them money while they lie and steal money from the taxpayers by their actions. These people are such drama queens. If there was any greater example of how endlessly shameless Democrats are, I don’t know what it is. This is pretty up there on the disgusting meter.

Who would vote for these characters? They need to get their butts back to work and stop throwing their ridiculous tantrum.



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