Hilarious: Runaway Texas Dem Throws a Fit at Biden's Reaction to Their 'Heroism'

AP Photo/Eric Gay

We’re been writing about the runaway Texas Democrats and what a perfect example of pretentious Democratic hypocrisy and lies they are.

They even called themselves “brave” and insulted the voters in this misbegotten effort. They’re so incredibly impressed with themselves for pulling a propaganda political stunt. Never mind that they precipitated a super spreader event – getting six of themselves sick with the Wuhan coronavirus and infecting who knows how many other people, but including at least one White House official and one Pelosi aide.


But what was actually quite humorous was how disturbed at least one of them was that Joe Biden wouldn’t meet with them.

From Dallas Morning News:

“I’m at the point where I’m pissed off that Joe Biden, our president, not only won’t meet with us — he’s not gonna meet with us, he’s gonna use COVID as an excuse not to meet with us — but he won’t even Zoom,” Rep. Richard Raymond of Laredo said Thursday during a virtual meeting with U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Austin.

So Joe says things like the Texas bill these guys are throwing a fit over are “Jim Crow on steroids” (they aren’t) but he can’t be bothered to actually meet with the “brave” (in their own minds) Democrats fighting for “voting rights?” What does that say? It says he know that it’s nonsense and he can’t wasted his time dealing with them. Even Joe Biden knows that this is all political theater. And these guys aren’t worth waking him up from his nap, even for a zoom call.

Meanwhile when asked whether he would be meeting with these brave heroes from his home state, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) also put them in their place.

“I’m not exactly sure what they are doing, other than spreading COVID-19 to the speaker’s staff and White House staff,” he said. “They are not doing their jobs in Austin, and clearly petitioning Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to overrule state election laws with federal laws strikes me as very unusual, to say the least.”


To show you how insane their opinion was of themselves, when previously asked about why they would do this, Richard Raymond compared this to trying to stop people from abusing children (huh?) and compared himself to Abraham Lincoln. Listen as even Neil Cavuto just takes him to the cleaners on the nonsensical claim.

Seriously, all these people are seriously mentally twisted and need to be voted out forthwith.


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