It's Officially a 'Super Spreader': More Runaway Texas Dems Test Positive

AP Photo/Eric Gay

I think we can officially call the runaway Texas Democrats flight to Washington, D.C., a “super spreader” now.

They announced on Saturday that three people had testing positive for the Wuhan coronavirus.


Then today, it was announced from the Texas House Democratic Caucus that two more have now tested positive, including Trey Martinez Fischer, who represents San Antonio’s 116th District. So that’s five total of the group, so far. The only other person of the five identified at this point has been Celia Israel of Austin, who said she was having mild symptoms of the virus. The rest of the five similarly were described as having no or only mild symptoms. Martinez Fischer said he would quarantine until he tests negative. All of them were allegedly fully-vaccinated.

They have all been traveling a lot together, in addition to being all over Washington, D.C., meeting with all kinds of politicians and other people — including at least two meetings with Kamala Harris. Harris announced that she was going to Walter Reed Hospital for a “routine” checkup after having met with the Texas Democrats on Tuesday.


Because you always schedule ‘routine’ appointments with doctors on a Sunday morning after you met with people with a virus.

She then tweeted out that the Delta variant was “no joke” without further explanation. She did not respond to an inquiry from Fox News as to whether she was having any symptoms of the virus.

Now, this is obviously problematic, given that they are all claiming to have been fully vaccinated. It seems like an awfully big sample in a relatively small, concentrated group of about 60, to have five test positive. They may have been that exposed to the Delta variant and then just spread it to each other. But that may mean that the vaccine is not particularly effective against that variant. In fact, the state of Israel has reported that the Pfizer vaccine is “significantly less effective” against the Delta variant.

They had been traveling and visiting people without masks until this was announced, then one of them — Gene Wu–  said he thought that a national mask mandate should be “re-instituted.”

There has never been a national mask mandate, because the federal government doesn’t have power over the states and could not impose one. But this Texas Democrat didn’t understand the structure of our government enough to understand that. Even though he wants to impose one on all of us, neither he nor the rest of them adhered to it themselves. And you know what’s ironic? Even the Super Bowl held in Texas they claimed would be a super spreader event, wasn’t.


It’s fair to say that the performance drama has deteriorated into a real mess. And all for a ridiculous, lying political stunt. And shouldn’t they all be in quarantine at this point in some nice, Texas jail cells — not still running around D.C.?


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