Psaki Spreads a Bunch of Baloney About 'System' Dealing With Hunter

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As I reported back in June, Hunter Biden had taken up a new racket to make a lot of anonymous money.

He was going to be doing “art” which unidentified people were going to pay for at prices that no new untested artist not named Biden would ever get, with estimates up to $500,000.


Now I’m sure, given it’s Hunter, there’s no way it would be an avenue for money laundering, bribery, or other influence peddling, right? I mean just because Joe lied about meeting with Hunter’s business associates in the past and met with them in the White House and the vice president’s residence doesn’t mean he would do it again, right?

But then, the White House really stepped in it. In general, whenever one mentions the sketchy things Hunter does, the Democratic formulaic response is “well, he’s not in the White House.” That’s true. But when the White House actually involves itself in Hunter’s deals, then yes, they make themselves involved. When he involves Joe, they are involved.

The White House created and endorsed an “ethics deal” in regard to his art shows, declaring that neither the White House nor Hunter were going to be told by the dealer who the buyers of the art were. But keeping it anonymous also meant that we would not find out who was giving Hunter money. Not telling us who the buyers were would ensure “transparency,” Jen Psaki argued. Huh, what? Hiding from us who the buyers are equals transparency? Yes, they actually said that.

I said how wrong that was — even the Obama ethics czar Walter Shaub panned the White House’s actions. It’s also an obvious legal conflict, and they would own anything that came out of this misadventure because they endorsed it. So, they couldn’t say “But Hunter…” because they inserted themselves into this mess.


It didn’t take long to prove that the White House sketchy “deal” was for the birds, as we found out today. As we reported earlier, Hunter will get to meet the prospective buyers of his art at two art show, despite what the White House said before. “The gallerist will not share information about buyers or prospective buyers, including their identities, with Hunter Biden or the administration, which provides quite a level of protection,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki had said.

But the sketchy wording didn’t say that the buyers couldn’t say they bought the art. And it didn’t say Hunter couldn’t find out by other means. Now, he’s actually getting to meet the prospective buyers, nothing prevents them from saying publicly, “Hey, I’m buying that one over there.” But rest assured, the people who will still be kept in the dark are us. We wouldn’t be told.

Even White House reporters didn’t seem like they were buying this today, when they questioned Jen Psaki.


“Child?” Hunter is 51. “Profession?” His profession is how to make money and cut 10% to the big guy. It’s the “system” they’ve created that is the problem. There are more holes in this “system” than in Swiss cheese. The “system” is all basically an honor system anyway. We’re supposed to believe these guys who have been lying to us constantly are not going to lie and do what they have done in the past.

Another reporter followed up on it, asking if this was an agreement made in writing and if so, would they release it. Psaki naturally evaded the question, saying the agreement was “clear.” If they don’t have it in writing, then there’s even less that anyone can point to later. Is there anything that isn’t sketchy about all this?

Yes, it’s clear that this “system” provides no protection at all, that anyone can funnel a ton of money to Biden’s son, and this “system” will do all it can to prevent the public from finding out who is giving them money.


Just remember — highest ethical standards ever! Word of a Biden!



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