One Pic From the CNN Town Hall Says It All About Biden

I reported extensively on Joe Biden’s CNN town hall last night.

It had Biden being incoherent talking about aliens with Don Lemon. It had Biden telling lies, including one whopper of a lie about the Wuhan coronavirus not affecting the vaccinated. It had 11 people – most of whom were Democrats – mostly asking Biden questions that seemed tailor made for him.


What it didn’t have was any significant audience – it had a half-empty auditorium for the guy who reportedly got the most votes ever. This was a pretty sad turnout for Biden.

Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein shared the pictures, as did Steve Herman, the White House bureau chief of the Voice of America, noting all the empty rows.

You couldn’t see that from the CNN coverage, which was all focused on the front rows which were not socially distanced, but everyone close together. So from the perspective, it looked more like a packed, more normal audience. Could we call that “misinformation,” CNN, when you fail to show the full picture? Good for the two reporters who were reporting with more clarity on the issue.

Looks like Joe failed to get them in. This is in Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio, which Biden reportedly won by 16 points.

Now, there were reports it was by “invitation only.” That raises another question. I’m not sure how much of a “town hall” that is when you are picking the people who are there and not just taking real questions from a true general audience that hasn’t been hand-picked. It just adds to the sense that CNN is presenting a manufactured event that’s completely controlled to help Biden. And you would still think that if Joe were so popular in that county they would have been able to get enough folks in there to fill out the audience, but not so much.


A CNN spokesperson claimed, “This was a typical audience size for a CNN town hall.” Well, maybe a Biden town hall.

President Donald Trump would call it rigged and Trump would be right.


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