CNN Audience Questions Seemed Tailor Made for Biden But He Still Had Trouble

As we previously reported, Joe Biden did a town hall on CNN with Don Lemon on Wednesday night.

We covered his earlier comments with Lemon, as well as his most breathtaking lie of the night.


But he also answered questions from 11 members of the audience. Seven of them were from declared Democrats, three from alleged Republicans, and one from an undeclared person who attacked Republicans and the filibuster. I wouldn’t bet on those Republicans all being Republicans, based on the questions.

Like this Republican for example.

She later claimed that she was a “registered Republican” but voted for Joe Biden. Of course.

The guests appeared oriented to make certain points that the Biden Administration wants to make: about vaccine hesitancy in the black community, disregarding bipartisanship, gun violence, and “voting rights.”


I’m not sure there was a really hard question among any of the questions.

But the one that did give him the most trouble was the sixth question, from a Republican restauranteur, John Lanni. Biden basically showed he’s been in government practically his whole life. Biden made it clear that he knew nothing about how to run a business and or how to keep up a payroll, as he lectured to this restauranteur. Biden also completely failed to understand how his own policies relative to unemployment benefits were killing this restauranteur’s ability to find people willing to work. The workers just are finding other opportunities, he tells Lanni.


When Lemon asked Biden if his unemployment benefits action had delayed people going back to work, Biden stammers, trying to spin that question, saying no, he really didn’t think it’s that. Sorry Joe, but it’s exactly that. A Morning Consult poll verified that was indeed part of the problem, with 1.8 million people saying that’s why they weren’t going back to work. But Joe’s in denial of reality.

You could tell that Lanni was trying to be polite. But the look on his face said it for all of us.


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