Biden Loses His Mind on CNN Town Hall: Aliens, Xi, and More Lies

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There’s a reason that they hid Joe Biden in the basement for so long.

Every time they let him out and have him speak for any extended period of time, trouble ensues.

I don’t know who agreed to have Biden go on a CNN town hall with Don Lemon tonight. Maybe they thought that CNN would be easy and have softballs. Doubtless, that’s right. But it still doesn’t stop Joe’s brain from breaking and going on the fritz again.

This is just a mess, as he struggles to find a coherent thought amid the jumble of words that flow out. What the heck is he actually saying here?

Zach Parkinson was braver than I was. He actually transcribed some of that.

I think Biden was talking about having trusted people convince people to get the vaccination shot. But it gets really weird when he starts talking about “man in the moon” and “aliens.”

Then he claims, contrary to all evidence, that his massive spending bills will reduce inflation, reduce inflation, reduce inflation. Repeating it three times doesn’t make it any more true. Pro tip for Biden? You don’t cure inflation by spending more which is basically what you are saying. That’s counter to all common sense. Notice how Biden also accidentally admits that people were not returning to work and prices were being driven up because of the unemployment benefits he provided.

He’s really going to kill the economy even more than he already has, when President Donald Trump had it coming back before Biden came in.

Biden keeps saying there’s no economist who thinks there’s going to be a long-term problem with inflation. Here he claims Larry Summers agrees there isn’t a concern. Yet Summers said in fact, there was cause to be concerned about inflation.

Now, was he just mistaken about Summers? Well, no. Summers actually met with Biden economic advisers to warn them that Biden and the Democrats’ spending is a real problem.

So Biden should know exactly what Summers thought, and that was just a lie.

The rest of the world is wondering about us, seeing what they did of Biden’s incoherent condition at the G7. Unfortunately, that’s not good for the world that we’re in this condition and it’s certainly not good for us. Notice how he praises Xi, who Biden just accused of cyber attacks on us, but refused to prefer any sanctions against them. What’s the Chinese word for “kompromat?” Yǒuzuì de zhèngjù. What does Xi have on Biden?

Biden spins some babble about the middle class, corporations, and Delaware.

But one of the reasons that Delaware has attracted so many corporations is because there’s no corporate tax, that’s why it’s a corporate haven. It shows how lowering taxes leads to growth. Joe is pushing the exact opposite: Tax everyone as much as possible. “Pay their fair share,” he claims, doing that creepy lowering his voice thing again. But the rich already pay most of the taxes, a fact that Democrats constantly skip over.

Here they’re talking about the filibuster. Lemon says well if it’s “Jim Crow” why don’t you just get rid of it. Biden’s response makes no sense.

Of course, the filibuster has nothing to do with Jim Crow. But if you want to call it that, then why did Democrats use it more than 300 times last year? Party of Jim Crow.

We’ll have more coming on his responses to audience questions, but just one more example of how bad it can be when they actually let him talk.

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