Psaki Tries to Justify Getting Social Media to Censor People but Makes It So Much Worse

Yesterday, I reported how White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confessed that they were in frequent contact with Facebook “flagging misinformation” for them to suppress as to COVID.


That’s a frightening thing — the marriage of the government and Big Tech — to shut down information that they don’t like. Don’t think it stops with the medical information either. We saw prior to the election how things that might hurt Joe Biden — like the Hunter email story that showed Joe lied about contact with his son’s business associates — were in fact suppressed.

Now, if it’s possible, Jen Psaki made it even worse today with further comments on the same topic as she tried to justify the government’s clear attempts to censor information.

She tried to argue that it was just like providing information or keeping in touch with the media, as she does each day. Just forget the censoring of Americans part.

“It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re in touch with social media, just like we’re in regular touch with all of you and your media outlets about areas where we have concern,” she claimed. Not even close.


Then she went even beyond that, saying if you’re banned from one platform, you should be banned from all social media platforms.

Does anyone now doubt how President Donald Trump was shut down from social media platforms?

So the Democrats would try to shut you down from all communication if you say things they don’t like, that they deem “misinformation.” Can we talk about how chilling this is? What kind of government have we come to at this point that she just says this — bald-faced like this — and everyone is not completely up in arms at the fascism of it all? This is the way that governments start to shut down all opposition and become tyrannical. We’re seeing it happen right before our eyes, without any reticence on their part at all. Imagine if President Donald Trump had said this, the media would be in a 24/7 meltdown calling him a fascist. But they’re silent on it all.

Not only that, but as we noted, Psaki even mentioned yesterday that there were 12 people/accounts she thought were delivering a lot of “misinformation” on COVID. So the government is even keeping a list of folks they consider violators of the government’s edict of what is “correct information.” Yikes.


This was all on top of the story the other day about allegedly wanting to get involved in what you were texting about the virus. Plus the government telling us they have a right to know whether we are vaccinated or not.

I mentioned how the government acting this way to shut down comments that they don’t like essentially lends credence to the argument that they are making Facebook a de facto “state actor” — essentially an agent — of the state’s effort to censor, thus being a violation of the First Amendment.

Sounds like I wasn’t the only attorney thinking along those lines.

Looks like while Psaki is trying to act in a chilling fashion, it may just come back to haunt her, in court.


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