WATCH: 'School Expelled Our Kids Because of Our Fight Against CRT,' Moms Tell Tucker

Photo via Gage Skidmore

Two parents who launched a campaign against Critical Race Theory at Columbus Academy, a private school in Ohio, say that the school has now expelled their kids in retaliation because of their actions.

Andrea Gross and Amy Gonzalez said the school sent them a letter saying that their children would not be re-enrolled for the fall.

From ABC6:

“I believe they are trying to send a message to the other members of our coalition that if you speak out and you ask questions that they will punish your innocent children, and our members are afraid,” Gross said. “Separating people by the color of their skin is regressive, we are not just anti-racist, we are also pro-human.

The moms said they believed the school was discriminating against conservative thought and trying to push a progressive agenda.

Several hundred parents joined their coalition and the moms feel the expulsion was an effort to silence the effort and to punish the innocent children.

The Academy claims the mothers’ efforts caused “pain, and even fear for physical safety among students, families, faculty, and staff” and that the parents violated their enrollment agreement with their actions.

So in other words: How dare you object to what we are doing? We will make an example of you so that the other parents will learn.

Tucker Carlson interviewed the two moms at about 7:12 of this video, but the whole video is a great takedown of the craziness being pushed by the left when it comes to CRT.

At its base, it’s less about race and more about indoctrination on why America, at its core, is evil. That way — if you truly believe that — you will be more apt to agree with the far left and agree with replacing what we have with a more radical, leftist system. Race is just the avenue to sow division and get us to that place.

Now the NEA has admitted they will be pushing this progressive agenda come the fall in the public schools, if it wasn’t there already. The left has been trying to push its agenda in colleges since at least the 1960s. People pushed back but now we see the results, after decades of effort. But with CRT, with kids, they have met a lot of parents standing in the breach, now, and there’s no fighting force quite like a parent fighting for the healthy education of their children.