Reality Takes a Holiday, as Kamala Claims Credit for Getting People Back to Work

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Kamala Harris and other members of the Biden team were out and about today, trying to sell what the White House termed the “America is Back Together” tour for the Fourth of July.


Joe Biden didn’t meet the vaccination goal he set for July 4th, the one he warned us about, saying we might not be able to gather in small groups and with our family if we didn’t meet it.

But, it looks like Biden’s completely forgotten about that threat and has now decided to act like his team has achieved things instead. Kamala Harris spoke in Las Vegas at the Carpenters International Training Center Saturday — trying to sell the theme that America was “getting back to work.”

From The Hill:

“This weekend is the weekend where now in particular all across our nation, high school bands will march in parades and families will gather for backyard barbecues. Children will watch and wonder as fireworks light up our night sky. And we will celebrate together, our nation’s independence,” Harris said.

“And this year, not only will we celebrate our independence. We will celebrate our nation’s resilience,” she continued. “Because this year, America is coming back together. Because this year, America is getting back to work.”


She took credit for the jobs report number of 850,000 and expressed the Biden/Harris support for unions.

“The jobs we create through the bipartisan infrastructure framework are you don’t need to guess. It’s gonna be good, union jobs,” Harris said. “The reality is, when workers are heard. When unions are strong. Our economy is strong, and nation is strong. Our people our strong.”

But of course, Biden/Harris haven’t “created” one job in all this. Jobs are coming back because things are continuing to reopen back up as the pandemic wanes, and because states have discontinued taking federal unemployment benefit insurance, so people are going back to work and not staying home.

Indeed, it’s the Biden/Harris support for the unions that has caused a delay of people returning to work because Biden/Harris refused to push the teachers unions to agree to get back to in-person instruction in many schools. That prevented many parents from being able to go back to work. So rather than “creating jobs,” they’ve really been stopping people from going back to work because of their horrible policies and approach.


Harris isn’t even going over well in her own party, as I wrote earlier, with Democrats doubting that she can step up to the plate in 2024, if Joe Biden doesn’t run again. They’re afraid that she wouldn’t be able to beat the likely Republicans, including President Donald Trump. When you can’t even convince your own people, it may be that people really aren’t buying what you’re trying to sell. Right now, Americans aren’t buying what Kamala is trying to sell them.


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