Biden Fails Again on Vaccine Goal While Media Races to Spin It With Horrible Hot Take

Some months ago, Joe Biden set a goal, basically saying if we hit vaccination goals we would then be able to have “small celebrations” with our family and friends on July 4.


Now, this was just overreach to start with, as though the federal government could tell us with whom and how to celebrate our Independence Day. Not to mention that we’re already getting together with our family and friends anyway, without Biden’s permission.

Biden had a leg up on it because of the start he was given from President Donald Trump, who not only got vaccines developed in record time but set up the initial distribution. When Biden came in, Trump already, even in the first month of the distribution, was already at one million vaccinations a day. So it would stand to reason that one could build on that and do more.

Biden’s goal had been 70 percent with at least one vaccination shot by July 4 and he’s now admitting that isn’t going to happen.

From The Hill:

The White House on Tuesday acknowledged it will not meet its goal of having 70 percent of all American adults receive at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine by July 4, a rare setback for a president who has put the nation’s recovery from the pandemic at the center of his agenda.

It will be the second time the administration will miss a goal related to the pandemic — in part because it has repeatedly set objectives that are deliverable. Officials also indicated Monday that President Biden is likely to miss his target of shipping 80 million vaccines overseas by the end of the month, blaming it on logistical challenges.

But that’s ok, because it was just “aspirational,” according to the White House.


That’s so Democratic — what matters is he meant well not whether he actually met the goal. It’s how they assess everything which is why they have trouble actually achieving constructive things.

But rare setback? Have they been watching the same Biden we have over these months? It’s been nothing but setbacks. What exactly has he achieved that benefits  Americans over this time vs. all the negative things that he’s set in motion? Even in their own account, The Hill already points out how he’s failed at shipping vaccines overseas in the timeline he had set.

We can list all kinds of setbacks: schools that didn’t open because he played footsie with the teachers’ unions, inflation surging, a significant uptick in criminal violence and shootings in major cities, the continuing border crisis, etc. He’s also removed so many of the things that were working/helping that President Donald Trump put in place, which is one of the reasons he has the border crisis, to begin with. It’s not just that he’s failed, he’s actively made things worse.

His whole administration is a setback, from policies that worked to the present chaos. The only thing he’s managed to do is seemingly set a record for how fast anyone could so harm the country in just a few months.


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