MSNBC Expert Seems to Leave Mika Speechless When He Delivers a Harsh Blow About Trump Charges

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It’s been pretty clear that MSNBC has been doing everything they can to go after President Donald Trump for the past five years. But when even their experts have to throw in the towel and concede there isn’t really much there, you know the attack is pretty much empty.


MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski had on MSNBC legal analyst Danny Cevallos to talk about the charges coming against the Trump Organization and its CFO Allen Weisselberg. Cevallos didn’t exactly help the cause of the Democratic narrative against Trump. In fact, if anything, he fed the concerns that once again, what we are seeing is a purely political effort to tag the Trump name with something, to drag him down if he intends to run for office again.

The alleged charges purportedly have to do with unpaid taxes in relation to giving some employees fringe benefits.

Cevallos said he was unaware of any similar case being brought recently. He said he was “not sure any taxable-fringe-benefit cases” were brought in federal court last year and that it doesn’t become a criminal case very often [meaning that they weren’t often charged]. Unless, of course, it’s connected to the name Trump.


There was a long, pregnant pause after he dropped that before Brezinski began to talk again and she didn’t sound happy.

I’m sure he did leave Brzezinski speechless, because this isn’t what she was hoping he would say. She has to be gnashing her teeth that it doesn’t touch Trump personally. As I wrote before, that dashed the dreams of the Trump-haters who want to find something, anything, against him. Reality is hard for these conspiracy folks.

But what we’ve seeing with Democrats in power is the harmful politicization of law enforcement agencies in their quest to get Trump. However, it goes beyond Trump as well. If you have the magical “D” after your name, you seem to get a pass. If you look at the varying nature of the prosecution of the radical leftist protesters of the BLM/Antifa for a year of rioting versus the effort against people at the Capitol on Jan. 6, the difference is also stark.

We should all be calling out such politicization of justice.

But so far in this case, this announcement is also quixotically good news. Are they kidding? After the Manhattan DA (a very partisan DA) has been investigating Trump for years, this is what they have? Shades of Robert Mueller once again. It means they have nothing when they go for something like this. Now, it doesn’t mean they might not come at Trump again with something else. No doubt they will do all they can to break Weisselberg for him to say something — anything — against Trump. But it also seems like if there was anything, they would have found it already.



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