Charges in Trump Criminal Investigation Arrive and the Libs Are Big Mad

As RedState reported some days ago, possible criminal charges were being prepared in the New York-based investigation against Donald Trump and his organization. Those charges stem from supposedly unpaid tax on so-called fringe benefits involving a Trump organization CFO named Allen Weisselberg.


This is further confirmation of what was rumored by The New York Times originally. Now, we know the date and exactly who prosecutors are going after.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office is expected to charge the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer with tax-related crimes on Thursday, people familiar with the matter said, which would mark the first criminal charges against the former president’s company since prosecutors began investigating it three years ago.

Any charges against the Trump Organization and Allen Weisselberg, the company’s longtime chief financial officer, would be a blow to former President Donald Trump, who has fended off multiple criminal and civil probes during and after his presidency. But the initial charges won’t implicate Mr. Trump himself, his lawyer said, falling short of an expectation built during a high-profile probe that included a battle over the former president’s tax returns that went twice to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The defendants are expected to appear in court on Thursday afternoon, the people said.

RedState’s resident legal experts will have a deeper dive on this later, but from a layman’s perspective, this is absolutely pathetic stuff. They investigated the Trump organization for three years and the best they could come up with is unpaid taxes on fringe benefits? This is the kind of thing you normally handle as a civil matter. In fact, as my prior write-up noted, the Times literally could not find a previous example of a prosecutor filing criminal charges in a similar case. That’s how much of a politicized witch-hunt this entire thing is.


These marginal charges come days after it was leaked that Trump himself would not be charged for anything, and you know that wasn’t from lack of trying. Per RedState’s report on that, there isn’t some other shoe waiting to drop either. This is literally all there is.

Given that, the disappointment on the left is palpable. Here a few comments from the Journal’s breaking post.

The question is why anyone actually thought there would be a “much bigger crime” here? Donald Trump is a mogul. He’s not doing his own taxes, and to the extent that mistakes were made, that’s highly common among massive enterprises. This is the kind of thing that typically is handled with a bill in the mail. The fact that charges are being filed is simply a way for these partisan prosecutors to justify all the money they’ve wasted.

Any left-winger that was banking on this finally being the silver bullet that “got Trump” should take a step back and ask how many more times they are going to be played? How many more grifts are they going to fall for?


At the end of the day, the attempted criminalization of politics is dangerous and disgusting. Just because you don’t like an officeholder (or former in this case) does not mean they are a criminal. What the FBI and DOJ did was obviously the pinnacle of malfeasance, but to have state prosecutors propagating a joke investigation and prosecution like this further testifies to how far our justice system has fallen.


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