Brian Stelter Turns Into a Simpering Potato While Interviewing Jen Psaki

CNN’s Brian Stelter scored an interview with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on his show.

Now, what would you have asked if you had her on your show?


I can think of a number of questions, including why the Biden team shut down the State Department investigation into the Wuhan lab leak theory.

So, what did Brian Stelter, that sterling journalist, ask her? “What does the press get wrong when covering Biden’s agenda? When you watch the news, when you read the news, what do you think we get wrong?”

That’s a question? Of course, the proper response is they get everything wrong.

But that’s a bootlicking and sucking-up question to go easy on her, making everything, again, about the media. The media is supposed to be there digging for truth on behalf of the American people, not asking the White House press secretary for her approval. That’s certainly never a question they would have asked Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Then, if Stelter were a real reporter, he would have called out Psaki’s answer for about 7,500 Pinocchios. Psaki disparaged the Trump administration and claimed Biden’s administration had now returned to trying to do things in a bipartisan way.


“But I think sometimes we forget how strange the last four years were. And when we return to a place where democracy is working, where we’re talking with Democrats and Republicans, where we’re trying to get bills and legislation passed, it feels foreign — but this is actually how it’s supposed to work.”

What a bunch of bull that is. The Biden team and the Democrats are trying to blow up the rules of the Senate to pistol-whip things through, exactly because they are refuse to do things in a bipartisan way, exactly because they refuse to do things the way they are “supposed to work.” Where is Stelter’s questioning of her about that reality?

Stelter then asks her what she thinks of liberal media headlines, which cast her mad spin as somehow triumphant answers. Her response? She said it was her “responsibility not to allow the briefing room to become a forum for propaganda or for pushing forward falsehoods or inaccurate information.” If that were true, she’d have to exit, quite quickly.


Stelter did ask about Biden having only done one press conference, and she claimed that he was frequently answering questions from reporters, avoiding the one actual question that he did ask.

But Stelter did do one thing right in the interview. He reminded everyone exactly how Psaki learned her propaganda spinning — she used to be a CNN commentator.

That explains a lot. It’s pretty much the same, Democratic operative job, so not much of a difference.

Stelter got blasted by real journalists for being such a simpering potato.



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