Jen Psaki's Response to Israel Leveling Hamas/Media Building Shows How Lost They Are

As we reported earlier, Israel leveled a building that was shared by various media outlets, including the AP and Al Jazeera, and Hamas.

They gave the media about an hour to get out with ample notice and then they took out the building.


The media then flipped out, asking how dare Israel hit the building? But as my colleague Bonchie observed, that really isn’t the right question here. The right question is why is media in the same building as Hamas? Why have they effectively been acting as human shields for them? Either they’re incredibly ignorant and don’t know they’re in the same building (in which case, turn in their cards as media) or they knew it and were fine with them being there, in which case there’s a bigger issue there.

So when the media pressed White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for a response on the incident, whose side do you think Psaki appeared to take? Hint: she didn’t jump to the immediate defense of Israel, as she should have.


You don’t have to do that, Israel already ensured their safety by telling them to get out. Why don’t you tell the media not to be human shields for Hamas? That seems to be what’s needed here. How about communicating to Hamas to not endanger the media by being in the same building with them?

Knowing that no media person was hurt in this, one has to ask what was the greater point of this tweet from Psaki? Apart from trying to make Israel look bad in the process when they had every right to respond to terrorist attacks? You don’t get a bye from attack by using the media as cover for your terrorist actions.

The Biden regime has already been weak in its response on this, with Psaki not answering whether we would help replenish Israeli defensive capabilities, while saying that we would support Israel.

People had a lot of good questions for Psaki about her tweet. And some of the folks on the left were disturbed that she didn’t have more of a rebuke of Israel, showing how twisted they really are on this.



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