Dem Gov. Tim Walz's Response Adds Fuel to Fire of the Riots in Minnesota

As we reported earlier here and here, Minneapolis erupted in riots again last night after a fatal police shooting involving 20-year-old Daunte Wright in the nearby town of Brooklyn Center.


They had stopped Wright for an alleged traffic violation and found out he had an outstanding warrant, according to the police. That’s when Wright tried to get back into his vehicle and one officer fired at him, hitting him. He drove several blocks before crashing. They gave him CPR but he died at the scene.

The riot was like a throwback to the end of May last year, after George Floyd’s death. Rioters looted and/or destroyed stores in Brooklyn Center including a Foot Locker, T Mobile, and a New York men’s clothing store, as well as stores all over Minneapolis. They destroyed multiple police vehicles and even shot up a police station.

Now, Gov. Tim Walz didn’t make the same mistake he made last year when he failed to call in the National Guard as things exploded out of control. He did, in fact, call the National Guard in this time; they got there around midnight.


But he still showed how bad it is to have Democrats in control of government when you need decisive leadership in response to the riots.

Check what he tweeted about what was going on.

Now, while expressing concern for Wright’s family is the right thing to do, he doesn’t yet know the facts of the case. Yet, he clearly is already throwing the police under the bus in their reaction to the situation. That doesn’t help, that just jacks everyone up more.

Notice also what else is missing in that tweet. You’re the governor of the state. Where is your condemnation of the riots? Or even a call for a peaceful response, not a violent or criminal one? He’s completely missing in action when it comes to calling any of the rioting out. “Closely monitoring” isn’t criticizing anything.

This is your Democratic leadership, folks.

Minnesota Republicans blasted Walz’s response, accusing him of “perpetuating a narrative of an unknown situation.”


From Fox News:

“A Governor’s responsibility is minimize turmoil, not fan the flames in challenging times,” the Minnesota GOP said in a statement to Fox News. “We pray for the family and friends of Daunte Wright, and hope for a expediency in the investigation process. For a Governor to lead by casting blame and perpetuating a narrative of an unknown situation is not only irresponsible, it’s conduct unbecoming a Governor. We call on Governor Tim Walz to censure himself if he is not able to practice the discipline needed to lead our state in a way that helps us move forward together.”


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