Media Slobbers Over Biden's Press Conference Performance, but Even With One Reporter, Reality Creeps In

Media Slobbers Over Biden's Press Conference Performance, but Even With One Reporter, Reality Creeps In
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Now, while we — and most Americans — saw that disaster of a Joe Biden press conference yesterday, even before it started, we predicted that no matter how much Biden messed up, a lot of the media would just declare it a great success and how he triumphed over that evil Republican speculation about his cognitive issues.

It, of course, was a disaster, as we reported here, here, and here.

A sample:

It, of course, is a huge scandal, but the media is refusing delivery on it.

When he did deliver ‘answers,’ like this one to when he would commit to transparency by letting the media talk to the CBP and see the border facilities, his answer was an insult, basically, I’ll let you see things when we have it all under control and it wouldn’t embarrass us.

Oh. Pro tip? That’s not an answer, that’s admitted you’re evading. By the way, hat tip to CBS’ Grace Segers for clear and basic reporting.

But despite Biden’s clear cognitive issues, losing his train of thought throughout, reading his answers from prepared notes, and completely evading answers, some media still pitched it as a great performance. Talk about flushing any credibility down the drain; that was these folks. Although, to be fair, most had none, to begin with.

Dave Rubin couldn’t believe how much Max Boot departed from reality in his assessment.

Crisp performance? Was he watching the same thing the rest of us were?

Then there was, of course, the Jen Rubin assessment, which you know is guaranteed to be bad.

She obviously missed all the times he tripped over that low bar and fell on his face.

Then there was this guy, NBC’s Jonathan Allen. If there is another reality, he’s clearly ensconced in it because he isn’t in this one.

Um, Jonathan, we’re not even sure that Biden knew where he was, much less anything else. At a certain point, he was just reading the answers that had been handed to him off the notes; it’s not even clear he understood what he was saying all the time.

But it was so bad, even the folks carrying a heck of a lot of water for him, like Allen, had to concede just a little bit of reality.

That’s one way of putting it.

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