Biden Made a Troubling Comment About China and Lied His Head Off About Trump During the Presser

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

There were a ton of troubling things in the Joe Biden press conference today.

We wrote about some of them earlier, about how terrible he looked, how he said he’d been in the Senate for 120 years and called on selected reporters from a list seeming to be prepared for some of the questions, and how he refused to call on Peter Doocy who he knew would be asking tough questions.


But one answer showed how much trouble we are in with Biden when it comes to China. Now remember, the Biden folks just met with the Chinese in Alaska and had their lunch handed to them by the Chinese diplomats, who insulted them to their faces. Not to mention that they’re still committing genocide on the Uighurs, oppressing Hong Kong and making troubling moves on Taiwan.

One of the reasons for that may have been because of how weak Biden has been on China, including when asked about Uighur genocide on a CNN town hall, talking about the “different cultural norms” of China.

So when he was asked about China during the presser, did he take the opportunity to warn China or correct them for their remarks to his team in Alaska? Nope. He said he doesn’t criticize them for wanting to be the most powerful country in the world.

Um, Joe? That’s supposed to be us, not them. And why are you rocking back and forth?


On top of that, he lied about Trump, who was very harsh on China, and was actually a hero to many who the CCP has oppressed because of it, who called them out not only on the virus but on their oppression to the Uighurs and Hong Kong.

The Democrats like Biden incredibly refuse to criticize the CCP over the coverup of the virus. Not to mention, it’s problematic for Biden’s son to have connections to China because now one has to wonder if he’s really evaluating based on what’s best for the U.S. or not.

What’s horrible, after that elder abuse show that they put this confused old man through today, is that our enemies saw it today, so they know at what risk we are and how deficient our “leader” is. That’s a pretty scary proposition. China, Iran and Russia are probably all off somewhere, rubbing their hands in delight after seeing his today. They know Democrats are already trying to do us in with their leftist policies, but this on top of it and we are in deep trouble.



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