Biden Presser Was Such a Disaster, There Was One Moment That Showed What Elder Abuse It Was

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Oh my gosh, as I type this, I’m watching this utter disaster that is the Joe Biden press conference.

It sounds like many in the press came ready with real substantive questions but Biden failed to show up with his mind, as my colleague Sister Toldjah just explained.


It seemed like he was trying to go from a script, he had reporters’ names on a list that he was calling on. Were there any prepared questions would be my question? Like this one that basically was Yamiche Alcindor praising him saying it’s his morality that’s causing them to come. Yeesh, propagandist.

He takes credit for that and then turns around and blames President Donald Trump for the surge.

But even with apparent preparation He was negative, when he didn’t know or couldn’t answer, which was a lot, he was combative with reporters, saying “Come on, man!”

It was awful, not sure how anyone could have thought he’d make it through it, it was a complete train wreck. He kept talking and talking and talking, but it was often just rambling gibberish.

But perhaps the mistake that was most emblematic of the huge problem he has is what he said about when he joined the Senate.


“With regard to the filibuster, I believe we should go back to a position with the filibuster that existed when I came to the United States Senate 120 years ago.”

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what it feels like, that he’s more than 120 years old, particularly today, looking at him struggling, barely coherent, barely able to get through this, something that should be just so basic for anyone in that position. But he couldn’t even do it, even with all the preparation. Shame on the people who did this to him, this is elder abuse.

A couple of his responses sounded like he might have had the questions ahead of time. He actually had a quote ready to go for a question that Kaitlan Collins of CNN asked. That was a bit much. Decide for yourself.

But he was so bad in responding, I’m not sure that made any difference in making his answers better. If he had advanced knowledge of that or any of the other questions, it didn’t really help.


Not to mention that for most of his career he defended the filibuster so if it was a “relic of the Jim Crow era,” then why was he defending it and boy, is he a racist. Of course, it has nothing to do with race, that’s just the latest thing Democrats and their operatives in the media are labeling as “racist” to get out of the way to solidify their own power.

But it was so bad. I’m sure that we’ll have a lot more on the madness in further stories today.


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