Here Are Some of the Biden Cheat Sheets He Used During the Press Conference

We’ve been reporting what a disaster that the Joe Biden press conference was earlier today.

It seemed clear that he had a preselected list of folks he was going to call on, not calling on any conservative outlets or media like Fox’s Peter Doocy who clearly would be asking tough questions. It also appeared that he was basically reading the answers to questions at various points, leading one to ask if he knew the questions in advance. Even if he didn’t, he was just basically reading off notes of prewritten answers at many points. He only ultimately only took questions from ten reporters, hardly a freewheeling press conference. He wasn’t asked about his son, his fall going up the steps to Air Force One or any question about holding China accountable for the coverup of the virus. Apparently Doocy intended to ask about that last question.


The questions were all from reliable liberal media.

Zeke Miller, Associated Press
Yamiche Alcindor, PBS
Seung Min Kim, The Washington Post
Cecilia Vega, ABC News
Ken Thomas, Wall Street Journal
Kristen Welker, NBC News
Nancy Cordes, CBS News
Kaitlan Collins, CNN
Justin Sink, Bloomberg News
Janet Rodriguez, Univision

But now the pictures are out and you can decide. Let’s first look at the pictures that show he had the faces and description of each reporter, what outlet they were with, with some circled with the numbers on them (order in which they were supposed to be called on?).

Sorry but calling on preselected people with prepared answers from notes that you just read isn’t a press conference. He limited the press pool to 25 and only took questions from those he had numbered and circled, the NY Post reported.

Despite that, as the NY Post observed, Biden still slipped up, saying America ranked 85th in the world in infrastructure, before correcting himself.

How awful was it? Here’s a sample. You can see how they’ve written out the answer to the question for him. All he has to do is read it and he obviously is doing that, not even looking up. He’s still doing it haltingly.


These reporters need to answer up if there was coordination with the White House ahead of time, not that I’d actually trust their responses given all this. But what was really pitiful was that even with all that effort, it still was an utter disaster, no matter how much the mainstream media tries to spin it.


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