Pelosi Thinks She's Queen and Can Declare the Winner of Iowa Congressional Race

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The race in Iowa 2 was declared some time ago now, with Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks defeating the Democrat Rita Hart by six votes. Miller-Meeks was certified by Iowa as the winner after a recount was done and after a court decision declared Miller-Meeks the winner. Hart could have challenged the decision in the Iowa courts but instead, she decided to try to get the Democratic House to overturn the results and declare her the winner knowing that she likely wouldn’t have prevailed in any further challenge in Iowa.


Some of the Democrats appear to be all in on swiping the race, despite the raging hypocrisy of how the House Democrats went after President Donald Trump for even daring to question the results of his election, yet they want to overturn the results here simply because they know they can, hang their pious hypocrisy about caring about the voters. But other Democrats have expressed concern about overturning the results.

We’ve written at some length about it. My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote most recently on the slimy efforts of the Democrats’ lawyer, Marc Elias. This is particularly hypocritical given how Elias handled many of the cases against the Trump campaign.

Another hypocrite in the matter, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke about the situation in a video that’s gone viral today and she was really rocking the crazy eyes/evil villain look in it. You can see why it went viral, because she claims she gets to declare who the winner is.

In the video, she claimed, “If I wanted to be unfair I wouldnt have seated the Rep from Iowa because that was my right on the opening day. I would have just said, you’re not seated, and that would have been my right as Speaker to do.”


No, it wouldn’t have been her right, she apparently think she rules by fiat. While it is true that the House can overturn the results of a certified election, it’s rare and it involves a review by committee that’s supposed to be looking at the facts, not just a declaration by Pelosi because she wants to hold onto power.

“Although the House has broad authority over its elections, a state-issued election certificate generally provides prima facie evidence of the regularity and results of an election to the House,” the Congressional Research Service wrote in a January report.

Pelosi’s comment just adds to the sense that Democrats are not going to be fair about this. Talk about being mafia-like and drunk on her own power.



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