'Legal Arguments' Used by Dem Lawyer Marc Elias in Iowa House Race Dispute Should Be a National Scandal

'Legal Arguments' Used by Dem Lawyer Marc Elias in Iowa House Race Dispute Should Be a National Scandal
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As we’ve previously reported, the situation unfolding in Congress regarding Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District is a case study in the shameless hypocrisy of the Democratic party on the issue of respecting the results of an election.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who pushed for President Trump’s impeachment based in part on his dispute of the election results, is 100% on board with a House Administration Committee “review” of the election results in the district which saw Republican nominee Mariannette Miller-Meeks defeat Democratic nominee Rita Hart by six votes. Miller-Meeks was certified in the state as the winner after a recount was done, and a displeased Hart chose to take her case to the Democrat-controlled House instead of the courts, naturally.

Yesterday, Democrat super-lawyer Marc Elias announced on Twitter that his team had filed their response to questions asked by the review committee regarding the disputed election. He framed the team’s actions as an effort to ensure “every Iowan has their vote counted,” which is a completely garbage claim to anyone familiar with the deceptive ways that Elias operates:

Some on the right took a closer look at Elias’ “legal arguments” and pointed out that at least twice he pushed for the review committee to not consider Iowa law when determining how they’d vote:

Such laws, he argued, are merely “technical requirements,” you see:

As my colleague and legal expert shipwreckedcrew pointed out yesterday, it’s true that “the House is not bound by the voting-counting procedures or rules established under Iowa law.” But if we’re to go by the example Democrats set just two months ago, having the legal right to do something doesn’t always make it right to do – right? I mean we know if the parties here were reversed, there would not be a major media outlet in this country that wasn’t focused on telling us What It All Means™ about those evil Republicans who never respect election results except all the times when they do:

Besides, it’s especially grating to see such “legal arguments” being made by an “ethically challenged hack” like Elias:

Elias and his shady cast of characters were also chastised by multiple judges for a duplicitous stunt they tried to pull with North Carolina election law behind closed doors last year. This guy’s rap sheet is a lot longer than our intellectual betters in the media would have people believe.

In any event, I guess all that can be done at this point is to wait for the House committee’s review to conclude. Because the committee’s vote is a foregone conclusion, it will be interesting to see if putting this to a full vote before the House will backfire on Pelosi. There are moderate Democrats in the House who are sounding alarm bells as we speak about the optics of overturning a certified election just two months after what they did to Trump.

As they say, stay tuned…

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