US Space Command Sr. Enlisted Leader Who Previously Attacked Tucker Posts Second Video

US Space Command Sr. Enlisted Leader Who Previously Attacked Tucker Posts Second Video
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We’ve been writing about how Tucker Carlson questioned whether Joe Biden’s focus should be on maternity flight suits and updated requirements for hairstyles, as Biden in fact said, or whether it would really should be on the real threats that we face from countries like China — that perhaps their focus was on the wrong things.

Then members of the Defense Department proved his point by showing, indeed, their focus wasn’t on the right things, as official military Twitter accounts, even the DOD website itself, attacked Carlson, a Fox host, and misrepresented what he said, suggesting that he was saying that women shouldn’t be serving in the military.

These were perhaps the three worst responses.

From the official Department of Defense website:

It’s extremely concerning when you have actual official military accounts and military in uniform attacking a private citizen in an unprecedented political attack, not to mention misrepresenting what was said. The military is not supposed to take a side; it’s supposed to be apolitical. This shows how problematic it has become, that this has happened now under Joe Biden, and that this was clearly allowed as a response, if even the official DOD website and official accounts were engaging in this.

As we wrote, the Official U.S. Marine Corps Twitter for the II MEF Information Group may have learned at least something after getting a huge backlash from former and presently serving military as to how improper this was.

But the Command Senior Enlisted Leader of U.S. Space Command, Master Gunnery Sergeant Stalker, U.S.M.C., posted another video. This time, at least he was out of uniform, although still posting from his official account. He still showed that he clearly was missing the point — stop proving Tucker right already.

He tried to defend his statement, clearly not thinking it wrong in any way, and thought it was only about trying to silence dissent. No, master gunnery sergeant, it’s also about your focus. Why are you responding at all, not to mention misleading about what Tucker said, suggesting he was attacking pregnant women? You still show your focus is in the wrong place when you post videos like this. And yes, we can comment (at least at the moment) about problematic statements like Joe Biden’s and yours, even if we have zero time in the military, because we are Americans.

These statements from the military show a real and significant problem in the military that needs to be addressed, when they are so politically corrupted. Because if it isn’t, it places all of us in danger.

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