Capitol Police Make Another Request Regarding the National Guard in D.C.

Capitol Police Make Another Request Regarding the National Guard in D.C.
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The Capitol Police has argued that they needed the National Guard to stay in Washington, D.C. at the Capitol because of a supposed threat that was supposed to come off on March 4.

The House send people home, but so far nothing to that comes even close to looking like a threat has developed.

The homeless encampment is still there though.

Even the WaPo is calling it early.

They had planned on having the Guard there through March 12. So now, what’s going to be the excuse past March 4 or will they now concede that they should just let the National Guard go home? Who, like me, predicted they weren’t going to be going away in March?

You would be right.

Now, in the last 36 hours, the Capitol Police is asking that the National Guard stay another two months despite questionable claimed threats and having spent over $500 million based off a three hour riot in January. They also want the razor-wire topped fencing around the Capitol should remain in place for several more months.

According to Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) they are seeking volunteers from states for the duty when the duty of the present troops there, over 5000 people, is supposed to end on March 12.

Not sure where they’re going to get Guard units from, maybe from crazy blue states because I’m not seeing red states proffering anyone up when they can’t really justify any real threats for them to be there. The reports of being fed moldy food and being kept packed together in a cold garage don’t exactly inspire governors to want to offer up their people either.

Defense officials say the Pentagon is reviewing the 60 day request.

So what’s the rationale for the additional two months? What’s the actual justification for this? Or aren’t we supposed to continue to ask that? And at the end of 60 days when again, nothing else has happened will we be revisiting this again with another amorphous threat to try to justify this? Too bad don’t see the rationale to provide the National Guard to protect ordinary citizens multiple times when it was desperately needed in places like Portland. You can have a quick reaction force ready to respond to any real need or threat. Why do you need the huge quartering of troops there unless there are other reasons?

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