There They Go Again: BBC Reporter Reports Another Crazy Imaginary Sighting at CPAC

(AP Photo/John Raoux)

We brought you the story of how the left flipped out at what they perceived as the Nazi symbolism of the stage at CPAC. You know they’re far gone when they’re seeing imaginary Nazis in a stage at the Hyatt.

That was bad enough. It got so crazy, it pulled in TMZ and Alyssa Milano to help push the mania. It even earned a Snopes fact check which concluded it was “unproven.”

But liberals’ fervent imaginations weren’t done yet with their fever dreams of Nazis and white supremacists.

BBC senior North American reporter Anthony Zurcher thought he saw something too that he just had to report and tweet about.

He saw a flag outside the CPAC event in Orlando which he thought looked like the “Stainless Banner,” the second official flag of the Confederacy. So he posted these tweets about it which he later deleted but, of course, the Internet is forever.

Now, as you can see, the flag he sees outside of CPAC looks nothing at all like the Stainless Banner, and anyone with eyes could see that. But this guy is supposed to be a senior reporter, observing things for a living.

The flag of course wasn’t a Confederate flag, it was most likely the Christian Flag.

He then deleted his original tweets and acknowledged that it might be the Christian flag.

But apparently can’t spell “pole.” This is their “senior” guy.

But he didn’t leave it there. Now that his first theory was proved wrong, he tried another one, suggesting that perhaps the flag had been amended, changing the cross to a “T” again to reflect Trump, again with no evidence that even suggested that was true.

We can’t even make the excuse that oh “BBC” perhaps he’s a confused Brit, because he was born in California and raised in Texas. Went to school in Washington, D.C. (that probably explains a lot).

But logic and sanity aren’t what’s fueling these crazy sightings; derangement syndrome and agenda is.

HT: Twitchy