CPAC 2021: This Year CPAC Is All About Diversity, but the Left Is Obsessed With White Supremacy

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Oliver O'Connell. Used with permission.

While many have been enjoying themselves at #CPAC2021, this is what the “Proudly Jewish” Oren Jacobson had to say:


The jokes write themselves. Is Oren Jacobson even here? If so, I wonder has he run into these guys?

The yarmulkes kind of give it away, but in case you didn’t notice, they’re Jewish. And these gentlemen are not the only ones. David Malka of the South Florida Jewish community opened the first day of the conference with the Shemah. There has been a Jewish Prayer Service every morning of the conference. I suspect that our Jewish brothers and sisters do not give a rip about the stage, and maybe Oren Jacobson is on crack. For sure on the former–the latter is yet to be determined.

The trend continued on Twitter, with this “expert” on iconography weighing in:

Of course, CNN and MSNBC contributor Dean Obeidallah had to get in on the stupidity, as well as self-described former conservative David Weissman.


This is the second CPAC conference that I have had the opportunity to cover. The last one was 2016. Just in that five-year span, I have noticed the increased diversity not only among the participants, but the panelists.

My colleague Kira Davis also noticed this, and tweeted out this revelation:

I concur. So many of our people are here, along with Jewish (as mentioned above), Hispanic, Asian, gay, transgender, disabled, young, elderly. That diversity that Democrats like to crow about and assume they own, exists in Florida this weekend thanks to CPAC. Republicans, the Big Tent is here—take advantage of it.

You’ve heard it straight from the horse’s mouth, because you won’t hear it from Jim Acosta.

Young cons Jerris Johnson and McKenna Davis told me why they chose to be here. Yeah, it’s about Trump, but it’s also so much more.



Ric Grenell said it best in his terrific CPAC speech:

“Real progress does not take place in Black and White, but in living colors.”

We have to have the power of every person to further the movement. So the Left may want to paint CPAC and anything conservative as “white supremacist”, but as long as the policies and outreach are to every person, no matter what their race, ethnicity, religion, or orientation, they’ll continue to be proven wrong.


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