Liberals and Media Go Crazy Over the Latest CPAC Conspiracy Theory

There are no doubt a lot of crazy conspiracy theories out there.

Media has been trying to tag the right on some of them. But there’s no doubt for the past four years some of the craziest, most virulent and lunatic conspiracies have been coming from the left. Now they’ve just cooked up another one which my colleague, Jennifer Oliver O’Connell touched on earlier today: the belief that somehow the stage at CPAC is a Nazi symbol, based off an old rune.


Now my colleague pointed out how ridiculous this was if you were just at CPAC and knew who was there and saw the great diversity of people.

Does any rational person think that CPAC would be making the stage into a Nazi symbol?

The problem is these people, presumably adults with functioning brains, think this is likely and are spreading this as though it were rational to think it. Yet these are the same people who chastise people on the right as “cult-like” for following conspiracy theories.

Not one person at CPAC is there thinking about what the stage looks like, but hey, these crazy leftists fixated on Nazi symbols, maybe it says more about them. These are the same kind of folks that turned the “ok” symbol into a white supremacist symbol by their very mania.

What’s a conspiracy theory without Alyssa Milano to help push it? Alyssa is down with it.

It even reached the media. TMZ had a go at it.

People had fun mocking TMZ.


TMZ and others even bothered the Hyatt about it, the hotel where CPAC was being held, and they’re trying to hunt down who built it and will likely run some poor schnook somewhere out of business.

Hyatt is like what the heck are these crazy people saying?

Snopes ended up addressing it, disappointing leftists by finding the claim “unproven” that there was an intentional use of the symbol.

The mania behind this is funny and it shows how easily led down the primrose path all these folks are when they are told something like this. But it’s also a bit concerning that none of these people have any critical thinking skills at all to understand that’s not a rational conclusion. It also shows how unfamiliar they are with Republicans or Republican thought, they only know what they’ve been told.

While you think that CPAC is a fun event with interesting speeches and things to do, they think it’s full of racists and white supremacists sharing secret symbols built into the stage and “attacking” Jim Acosta because attendees chanted “CNN sucks” at him and no one threatened him in the slightest.


These people are unwell.

So when they’re talking about “cults” or “followers,” they maybe should look in the mirror at the crazy that they’re willing to follow and believe in.

It adds to the mania that media has been stoking since Jan. 6 that Republicans are a “threat to democracy.”

This is a dangerous demonization going on.

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